Tuesday, November 30, 2010

News on Nadja Kern and Alums Chris Stock and Olga Golovkina

Nadja Kern recently signed a letter of intent to play basketball at UC-San Diego.  Doro said that "all the college coaches in the elite recruiting camps this summer wanted to know what kind of workouts she is doing, because her fitness and strength is far beyond high-school players and better than many college players. They thought that she is doing a special weight training, but she told them, no, it's cross country skiing training!!" 

Here is an article about Nadja that appeared in the Waltham paper:

On the alumni front Chris Stock had an awesome result up in Canada last week, coming in 2nd by a mere whisper of 0.1 sec in the university division of a big race.  Here is an article about the prospects for the Harvard team this year and Chris as one of the young guns.  Please note what Chris has to say about the prep of the new skiers in the program:

“We’ve been lucky with the incoming classes,” City said. “It’s been a group of athletes that have come in with a higher level of preparation and have come out of strong athletic programs. They come out with a level of experience that we haven’t had in the past.”


In the women's race Olga Golovkina came in 4th.

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