Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rangeley Marathon

This weekend I drove up to Rangeley for the marathon with Lisa since she was doing the 25 km and I figured I could take photos.  As usual, distance to a race was no object to the CSU Masters faithful.  In addition to Lisa were Scott Lundquist, Larry Elswit, Ken Walker, Victor Golovkin, Andy Milne, Dan Rabinkin, Doug Janson, Alex Jospe, Joe Brenner, Michael Melnikov, Irina Melnikova and perhaps some others I have missed. 

The snow conditions were kind of weird.  It had snowed a bit overnight and was very windy, even in the woods, so the snow was kind of slow until it got skied in.  Andy was not happy with his slow skis, whereas Lisa, back in the pack on skied in snow, was happy with her skis.  On lap two the snow started glazing in the center of the track, making it a bit squirrelly, especially on some of the corners.  I was out there on Lap 1 taking pictures and it seemed like I knew 25% of the field as they skied by.  The usual contingent of Dartmouth and Colby skiers were there with a few Bates kids sprinkled in among other colleges.  In the end, most people were pretty happy with their races with the exception of Andy, who was held back by slow skis.  Best showing of the day was by Damian Bolduc from VT, who had hurt one of his hands and so did the 25km with only one pole! 

Results are HERE


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