Mt Washington Road Race

Mt Washington Road Race
Hannah, Madeline and Gabby go 1-2-3 up Mt. Washington in their age group

Friday, July 15, 2011

3000m time trial

Some photos, courtesy of Albert Innamorati, of the 3k from Wednesday. Lots of PRs, despite the hot weather.

Eli Hoenig 9:55 PR
Calvin Wight 10:04 PR
Isaac Hoenig 10:08
Chris Burnham 10:28
Sean Skahen 11:36
John McDaniel 12:03
Olivia Meyerson 12:17 PR
Hank Yoder 12:54 PR
Peter Hoenig 13:29 (wins 50+ category)
Clara Cousins 13:33
Meg Yoder 13:33 PR (first time)



Clara and Meg, entering the pain cave.




I wonder how many guys have to deal with people asking what that strange stripe of a tan line is across their chests...

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