Friday, July 15, 2011

3000m time trial

Some photos, courtesy of Albert Innamorati, of the 3k from Wednesday. Lots of PRs, despite the hot weather.

Eli Hoenig 9:55 PR
Calvin Wight 10:04 PR
Isaac Hoenig 10:08
Chris Burnham 10:28
Sean Skahen 11:36
John McDaniel 12:03
Olivia Meyerson 12:17 PR
Hank Yoder 12:54 PR
Peter Hoenig 13:29 (wins 50+ category)
Clara Cousins 13:33
Meg Yoder 13:33 PR (first time)



Clara and Meg, entering the pain cave.




I wonder how many guys have to deal with people asking what that strange stripe of a tan line is across their chests...

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