Friday, July 8, 2011

CSU Ski Camp - Day 3

Day 3 of ski camp went very well today with a variety of activities.  We changed the schedule a bit this morning so everyone could do 5 sets of classic speeds instead of an overdistance workout.  I don't have any pictures of those, but the kids did double pole, kick DP, striding, drop-in double pole and starts while some of the others worked on skate technique with Rob.  It was a good session, although there were some minor scrapes.  Its tough to handle speeds, even if they only last 10-15 seconds! 

In the afternoon we started with Alex's orienteering challenge.  26 controls were put out for a score-O and the teams of 2 skiers, including the BKSLers, had to try to find as many of the controls as they could using the maps that Alex put together in the 30 minutes alloted, after 2 minutes of planning to start, with penalties for getting back late.  Alex will report the results in another post.  People were running all over the campus, some a better sense of what they were doing than others. Following that hard-fought contest was core strength.  20 stations were laid out on the soccer field for each pair to go through, spending 1 minute at each.  After one time through and a short rest the circuit was repeated.  For some reason it seemed a bit more difficult the second time through!  Then came the dreaded 12 minute abs workout with everyone in a large circle.  Fail to transition properly to the next exercise or not get through the minute and we'd all have to start over!  No one failed......

To finish the day, Rob gave an excellent talk about motivation and visualization complete with an exercise in visualizing the perfect race. 
 Alex giving instructions
 Sue and Kathy planning
 Leah and Olivia
 John, Hannah and Rosie choosing routes
 Phoebe and Chris on the move
 Jacob and Erik goofing
 Tom and Mary at a control
 Lateral toss of the medicine ball
 Rebecca means business!

 Calvin - side plank
 John is on the ball
Sean doing lunges

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