Friday, July 8, 2011

Results from camp orienteering

Friday afternoon, the skiers did an orienteering course for a warmup for strength. They were in teams of two, chosen by the Junior counselors, with a good scattering of Bill Koch skiers and coaches on the teams. Most of the controls were in pretty straight-forward locations, but there were a few that caused some head scratching. The way it worked was that the teams had 30 minutes (and 2 minutes of prep time) to get as many controls as they could. Since Alex forgot to bring the real orienteering flags, skiers had to record the code of each control on their map - controls were pieces of orange flagging tape with a code sharpied on the end. The further-away controls were worth more points, and because the time limit was pretty short, it became an exercise in choosing which controls to leave out. For every minute that you were over the time limit, you lost a point. Teams also had to stay together - you couldn't send one runner out to get the code and then come back.

In the end, everyone seemed to have a good time, and more importantly, they all came back! Jamie will probably be posting some of the photos from the orienteering and from strength, but for now, I have the results! Only one team got the maximum number of points (60) in the time limit, but there were two other teams that got all the controls, and finished just overtime. Ties are solved by who finished first.

1. Rebecca and Chris K.: 60 points
2. Calvin and Oscar: 59 (OT)
3. Cate and Sam: 59 (OT)
4. Olivia and Leah: 58
5. Jacob and Erik: 58 (OT)
6. Julia and Ian: 57
7. Chris B. and Phoebe: 56
8. Claire and Rob: 54
9. Kathy and Sue: 50
10. Max and Carter: 50
11. Corey and Zoe: 49
12. Isaac and Gavin: 48
13. Olga, Talia, and Erin: 47
14. Catherine and Meg: 46
15: Katie and John M.: 42
15. Mary and Tom: 42
17. Greg and Cecily: 40
18. Sean and John P.: 38
19. Jane and Lydia: 29

Congrats to all who finished! And congrats for making it through another tough core session...

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