Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update from Corey in AK!

Here are some more great photos from what we’ve been doing recently! Photo credit to Lauren Loberg for all of them! Every day I see new, awesome parts of Alaska. We were going to fly up to the glacier tomorrow morning but due to sketchy weather in the forecasts we are taking the helicopter up tonight! I am super excited and I will be sure to post photos when I return!

Yesterday a few of us went over to Kikkan’s house to make monster cookies for a BBQ last night!

We had a great time making a mess of Kikkan’s kitchen! From left to right: Kikkan, me, Liz, Chandra, and Jessie!

It is such a cool experience to be hanging out with these girls!

Kikkan let us try out some of her sweet glasses! From left to right is Kikkan Randall, Perianne Jones, Liz Stephen, me, and Lauren Loberg.

Jessie showed us her moves as we jammed out to Lady Gaga!

Yesterday morning we did skate speeds. Here are some photos (Photo credit Lauren Loberg!):

It was so cool to watch these women at there top speeds! Here Holly Brooks and Kikkan Randall lead the pack.

We’ve had beautiful blue-sky days with weather never above the 70’s! Go figure! There I am in the back in neon!

And my moose count is now up to 9!

Munching away on a yummy little bush. Om nom nom.

Good job on the DP test everyone!!


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