Friday, October 28, 2011

Aims Shoots for 7 Month Ski Season - Locally!

Ain't no moss growing on Aims.  When it started snowing he got his butt out the door and got on it!  Here are his comments and photos:

Nailed the wax! Last night the snow was wet, colder on top than lower, on a wet grass base, air hovering just above freezing. Arrived without glasses so I couldn’t read wax labels and selected some white goopy stuff in an orange Swix can with a purple stripe. It was great, perfect balance between clumping and grip and yet marvelous glide. The can must have been bought in 1983 but last night was its destiny.

Made a great choice too on poles. I took my hill bounding poles that have no baskets and never had to suffer from heavy buildups.

This morning the playing fields at Nashoba High were a different deal; 31 degrees, snow firm and icy, perched above the ground on stiff, frozen grass; the kind of morning when skis hiss with pleasure.

The first ski of the year is like baseball opening day, all optimism and freshness, but without advance notice of the date. It’s the one ski trip of the whole year that’s guaranteed to be the season’s best so far. It’s about finding your stuff, putting it in the car for the first time, pushing aside your paddle and lifejacket to make room. And finally, when waxes are unearthed, those lost gloves found, both boots comfortable and at last skis move out on snow it's life beginning all over again.
First time on snow 10/27/11, 9:38pm 
Webcam, Last night's tracks lingering

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