Sunday, October 2, 2011

Specific strength practice

The runners gathered at Annursnac to hammer out some good specific strength intervals; Jamie and I showed up to watch them go by and practice our leaning-on-poles technique. Everyone made some really nice improvements, and that always makes me so happy!

Jordan, Greg, Olivia and Jacob singlesticking like they were born to it.

Mary looking over at me like "what are you doing pointing a camera at me?"
Jordan hammering.
Phoebe double poling.
Phoebe in flight no pole skating!

Jamie demonstrating some truly excellent pole-leaning technique.

Clara and John working on some V1. Although not strictly specific strength, this is our best opportunity to work on technique, so V1 tends to get thrown in there.

Karina chasing down Phoebe.

Claire and Cecily getting after it!

Duel of the Meyersons, during speeds.

Greg with a great starting position, hiding Jordan.

And a video of the first speed that everyone did:

I'll be uploading more videos later tonight.

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