Mt Washington Road Race

Mt Washington Road Race
Hannah, Madeline and Gabby go 1-2-3 up Mt. Washington in their age group

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Classic Time Trial

We had a beautiful day for the classic time trial up the big hill in Littleton.  13 people raced and 5 or 6 others skied and watched.  Sure didn't feel like the weekend before Thanksgiving, but if you can't have snow this wasn't so bad.  The time trial was run as an interval start on 15 seconds.  The only misshap was that Rebecca kicked her ski pole and lost the tip, but fortunately I was able to give her a pole of approximately the correct length so she could finish strong.  Here are the results.  Photos and video to follow later.

1   Calvin     16:24
2   Max        17:58
3   Olivia      18:54
4   Sean       19:01.5
5   Jacob     19:45
6   Robert   19:46
7   Hank     20:16
8   Rebecca 20:45 (broken pole tip)
9   Rosie      21:13
10 Clara      22:50
11.Meg       22:58
12 Mary      24:28
13 Phoebe   25:22

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