Thursday, December 29, 2011

MSA Pursuit Race!

Today dawned bright and sunny and quite cold - a typical MSA day in other words - with temps at about 0F and some light wind.  With a few BKSL skiers and a few college racers joining us the field for the classic portion of the pursuit was 43 strong!!  Everyone laid out their skate equipment for the transition and started on classic skies on Trail 11, a mass of skiers jockeying for position with no track on the first hill.  Up front Eli took command with Ian, Calvin and Jimmy close behind, while Corey set the pace for the girls with Olivia chasing hard.   On the skate leg the order stayed the same at the front while the order changed around a bit further back.  Eli, Ian, Calvin and Jimmy took the first 4 slots amongst the men and Corey, Olivia, Halley Grossman and Zoe held down the first four places for women. 

Erin took some photos.  Results will be up later.
 Eli leads the field out at the start

 Timing crew investigating the snow?
 Eli at the end of leg 1
 Ian and Calvin chasing hard
 Frank and Koby from SMS
 Eli putting poles on at transition
 Rob bringing it home
 Corey and Rob
Halley (SMS) and Jacob

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