Friday, January 6, 2012

Report from race #2

This from Rob:

I hope you have been following the exploits at Sr Natls on the blog. Today was a particularly great day. Jamie, Alex, Jim Stock, and I prepped some rocket skis and the team athletes responded with some peak performances. Eli Hoenig went deep into the pain cave and in a back and forth battle with Paddy Caldwell and Cole Morgan emerged with a 17 second victory in a 32 minute race. What a race! Calvin definitely had one of his best races ever. Nathan Moreau also was flying.

For the girls race I was positioned on the dreaded High School Hill. The boys and done it 4 times and it left them panting on the ground at the race's end. The girls had to do it 3 times and they had to go hard. Corey was suffering the effects of her 4 sprint efforts 2 days ago, although she was still 6th junior. Olivia was in the zone riding on Issy Pelettier's tail (having gained 30 seconds on her). Cate is making a great comeback from her injury - she had her sleeves rolled up and was hammering. Hadley Moreau looked very strong and was one of the top J2s. Kaytie Innamorati was back from college for a strong ski too. Julia Kern had a blistering race, finishing just seconds behind Corey and one of the top juniors. It was a fantastic effort, and a great comeback after her fall in the sprint. Way to go!

Tomorrow we have the 10 and 5 K classic races in the afternoon. In the evening we will have the naming of the World Junior Junior team and the J1 Scando trip team. Then we'll be home and ready to ski again at Weston.

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