Monday, January 2, 2012

Senior nationals

A crew of skiers headed down to Rumford after Mont Sainte Anne, to race at the USSA senior nationals. We have Calvin, Eli, Olivia, Zoe, Corey, Cate, and Julia here, and a slew of support staff/coaches/parents to help out. All the athletes and most of the "grownups" are in a cabin in Bethel, and it has a great view, but is a bit crowded.

The first race was delayed by a day, since it had rained all night, so the snow was too soggy to groom. To keep from going stir-crazy, the skiers went out on a ski-walk/hike during the day, and then another one before dinner. Tomorrow, it's on! Skate sprints. We'll report back!

The view down on the common room from the loft. The cabin unfortunately has some thin walls, but we're a good 24 hours into this game, and nobody's been kicked off the island yet!

Attempting to be studious.

Actually being studious.

The race course today. Some bare spots, and I can understand why they postponed it.

Smartphones are confusing pieces of technology.

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