Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Classic Race at Craftsbury

Saturday's classic race at Craftsbury turned out to be quite the klister-fest.  With 30 pair of skis to klister up with Swiss Klister Stew the wax crew had their work cut out for them and so I wasn't able to sneak away to catch the J2s in action.  Besides, my fingers were pretty well gooed up to touch my camera.  CSU had some really excellent results....and a few not so much.  The conditions were good, but the tracks deteriorated with the hundreds of laps so by the time the men raced the tracks were squirrelly and the hills pretty well buffaloed.  J2s certainly had the best of that!  Gavin, Chris K and Max were out hammering, finishing 5th, 6th and 7th and gunning for spots on the Junior Nationals team.  Nathan was top CSUer in the men's race, coming in 30th.  In the women's race Olivia M. and Cate Brams killed it, coming in in 7th and 9th.  Several others had good races on Saturday as well including Rebecca and Rosie.



Olivia C.

J2 Posers


Calvin in pain


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