Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adventure run!

Last Sunday, Sue, Kathy and I led a ladies adventure run in the White Mountains.  Despite much initial interest, Sonya and Olivia C were the only two able to fully commit and make the trek, and it ended up being the perfect size of a group.  We had beautiful weather, with great visibility.

The route was up Skookumchuk trail, across lafayette ridge, and back down falling waters trail, for a nice 10mi, 4000 vertical-foot day.  A good time was had by all!

On the ascent.  Good opportunities to learn to pick up your feet when you run!

Above treeline!  

Ascending Mt. Lafayette.

Olivia and Sonya at the top.  Time for some summit chocolate!  

The ladies on top of Lafayette

Looking towards Liberty and Flume.

Looking down towards Greenleaf hut.

Looking back toward Lafayette from the top of Lincoln.

Sonya sat on a ledge and made us all really nervous.

Shining rock!

Kathy taking a swim.

Olivia's not actually doing pushups, I think she's attempting to dunk her head.

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