Sunday, June 3, 2012

Uphill time trial!

The juniors tested their might against Mt. Wachusett today, on a lovely day with scattered clouds and low humidity.  So rare, this time of year!  The course went up the auto road, counter-clockwise to the summit, avoiding the overflow parking extra bit of downhill.  A tough test, but everyone made it through, and I even heard chattering and laughter as we came down the trail!


Hannah Smith       17:20
Leah Brams          18:00
Alex Jospe            18:28
Julia kern              19:11
Rosie Cobb           19:24
Hadley Moreau      19:41
Katie Penderson    20:16
Cate Brams           20:47
Rebecca Smith      21:46
Meg Yoder             22:07
Haley Colpitts        25:56
Rebecca Notenson 25:59
Phoebe Seltzer      26:30
Eli Hoenig              14.57
Max LaChance       16:13
Nate Moreau          16:17
Gavin McEwen       16:43
Jimmy Burnham     16:46
Lewis Nottenson     16:56
Sean Skahen         17:01
Chris Burnham       17:36
Trevor Owens         18:48
Eli                         18:59
Jacob Meyerson     19:28

I know I saw Gunther and Tom and Jeff out there running hard, too, but apparently they removed their times from the list in order not to embarrass any of the younger runners!

After the first ascent, J1s and older were allowed to do a second interval, so a hearty crew of Eli, Nate, Sean, Jimmy, Chris, Hannah, Meg, Rebecca, Hadley, and Rosie braved the climb again!  To most people's surprise, a lower effort (more in the L3 range) didn't yield that much slower a time - much to be learned from the pacing of this beast.  

A huge thank-you goes to David Brams, John LaChance, Matthew Meyerson, Alan McEwen, Jody Newton, Steve Moreau, Kate Yoder, Ann Burnham, and probably some others who I've unintentionally left out, for their help with the timing and the cheering!  And the biggest thanks is to Ann for the watermelon after the second ascent of the mountain.  

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