Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CSU Camp Day 3

No photos today except for the new banner shot above from the top of Mt. Watatic of the whole crew.  Another gorgeous summer day greeted us this morning as the troops rallied from sleep for the morning jog a bit better then yesterday morning.  After breakfast we drove over to Mt. Watatic for a good session of hill bounding/walking intervals.  After a fairly leisurely speedhike to the top of the mountain, where the buildings of Boston were clearly visible 60 miles away, we went part way down and did a set of short, explosive bounding intervals and then the real fun began.  J2s did 3 x 6 min. intervals, the J1s did 5 x 6 and a few did 6 x 6 min.  It was a great workout with those coming back down cheering those headed up, making for a very supportive, fun atmosphere.  All the kids worked hard and had a very successful workout, as did the coaches! 

For the afternoon we split up into groups for some classic technique work on a shady, quiet road not too far from the school followed by a short swim and dinner.  For the evening Rob will be talking about the psychological aspects of racing and visualization. 

A good day!

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