Saturday, July 21, 2012

Corey's Summer in Alaska

Hi! I have been spending the summer in Alaska training with APU, and I am having such a blast. The training is hard but super fun, the views are absolutely amazing, and the team is so awesome. Here are a few of my photos!

For the first two weeks I was in Alaska, I went to the NAWTA (North American Women’s Training Alliance) camp. The first week we spent pounding out some dryland training, and for the second week, we went to the glacier!

We had to take a detour in our L3 intervals to avoid getting chomped by these guys.

Kikkan and Aikku Saarinen (Finland) climbing into the clouds.

Becca Rorabaugh (APU) and I heading up to the glacier on a sweet helicopter ride!

Heli doing a “push over” the cliff after dropping us off…

It was cloudy for the beginning of the week, and it was awesome only being able to see a few meters ahead of us.
Me, Peri Jones (Canada), Liz Stephen (US).

The crew toughing it out through L4 intervals and the fog.

Once the sun came out at the end of the week, I could not get myself to go inside! Becca Rorabaugh (APU), Me, Alysson Marshall (Canada), Aikku Saarinen (Finland), Holly Brooks (US/APU), Rosie Brennan (APU).
A super fun sprint relay going on in the sunshine!
We just couldn’t get enough of it!

After an amazing camp, Kikkan, Liz, Chandra, Heidi, and I visited some awesome areas a little outside of Anchorage.

Kikkan, Me, Heidi (GMVS), Chandra (Canada), and Liz (US).

Kikkan and I looking in the water for sea stars, sea cucumbers, and crabs!

Now I have been back in town for a few weeks and am training with APU! Eli just arrived, and we are going up to the glacier again this Sunday!

Sadie and me at the top of one of our hikes!

Awesome view from the Sand Dunes across Turnagain Arm from the Sand Dunes!

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