Sunday, November 4, 2012

CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race

The 23rd running of the CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race went off without a hitch on a gorgeous and classic New England fall day with bright sun, mid-40s and a good solid wind in our face on the back half of the course and behind us on the long gradual downhill.  34 racers toed the starting line for the largest turnout since maybe the early days of the race. 

Harvard skier and ex-CSU star Chris Stock shot out into the lead followed one.  Chris motored around the course over 1 min. ahead at the end of the 1st lap.  A big pack formed behind Chris consisting of Frank, John, Shane, Akeo with Andy hanging off the back, all coming through together.  The big pack was followed by Soren, Jimmy, Ben, Rob and Jamie, all spread out chasing hard.  Bob, Guenther, Albert, Hannah Barnes, Victor and Maddy and Annie followed, keeping the pressure on.

On lap 2 Chris lengthened his lead, finishing in 36:45, 2 seconds faster than last year and perhaps the course record, certainly in classic.  The big pack jockeyed for position with Shane taking over to come in in 2nd place, followed by Frank and then Akeo 1 second and 2 seconds back.  John and Andy got gapped on lap 2 and finished 20-30 sec. back.  From my spot, I watched Rob catch up to Ben and then those two working together, leaving me no chance to catch up and knowing Bob, Guenther and Albert were close behind.  Uggg, lots of double poling into the wind with no one to draft. 

In the Junior race (1 lap), Max was in the big group with Frank, Shane and company, sprinting to the front of the group as he was finishing.  Ryley and Shawn were not far behind having a bit of a duel.  Lewis went briefly off course at one of the turns and so got mixed in with Rob and I for a bit.  Rebecca and Cate also had a good race going with Rebecca staying ahead at the finish by 2 sec.  Behind them Meg, Clara and Trevor also had a good race with Hank caught in no-man's land between the two groups. 

A good day was had by all and with 4 pies from Mann's Orchard and great prizes donated by Jenex and Bikeway Source, more than 1/2 the field got awards.  Thanks much to Chris Li at Bikeway and Eric Johnson at Jenex for the donations.  Thanks also to all the volunteers, Sue LaChance and Sarah Doucet on timing, Jody Newton, Tom Smith, Tom Skahen, Mary Jane Nottonson on the corners and the N. Andover police who did a fabulous job keeping cars at bay. 

Photos are courtesy of Chris City.

Maddy and Hank


Soren and Andy

Rob and Lewis drafting


Hanna, Rebecca, Cate and maybe Robert

CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race 11/4/12

Sunny, windy, mid-40s
Men           Lap 1 Lap 2 Total Time

Chris Stock 0:18:36 0:18:09 0:36:45
Shane McDowell 0:19:45 0:18:54 0:38:39
Frank Feist 0:19:45 0:18:55 0:38:40
Akeo Maifeld-Carucci 0:19:45 0:18:56 0:38:41
John Sakalowsky 0:19:45 0:19:22 0:39:07
Andy Milne 0:19:48 0:19:33 0:39:21
Soren Anderson 0:20:01 0:21:05 0:41:06
Jimmy Burnham 0:20:26 0:21:19 0:41:45
Rob Bradlee 0:21:02 0:20:54 0:41:56
Ben Smeltzer 0:20:57 0:21:04 0:42:01
Jamie Doucett 0:21:08 0:21:13 0:42:21
Bob Burnham 0:21:13 0:21:41 0:42:54
Albert Innamorati 0:21:52 0:21:07 0:42:59
Gunther Kern 0:21:21 0:21:39 0:43:00
Robert Faltus 0:22:03 0:23:18 0:45:21
Victor Golovkin 0:23:21 0:22:41 0:46:02
Martin Sterman 0:28:55 0:29:24 0:58:19

Hanna Barnes 0:21:57 0:21:05 0:43:02
Maddy Wendt 0:23:00 0:22:41 0:45:41
Annie Harvleux 0:23:35 0:23:43 0:47:18

Male Juniors
Max LaChance 0:19:45
Ryley Knox 0:20:20
Sean Skahen 0:20:25
Lewis Nottonson 0:21:12
Hank Yoder 0:22:54
Trevor Owens 0:23:36

Female Juniors
Rebecca Smith 0:21:52
Cate Brams 0:21:55
Meg Yoder 0:23:26
Clara Cousins 0:23:30
Carina Wallack 0:24:58
Mary Lagunawich 0:25:00
Zoe Chace-Donahue 0:25:33

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