Monday, January 7, 2013

The Bogburn

We had a whole slew of racers up at the Bogburn last Saturday.  I'm probably missing some, but among CSU juniors, masters, coaches and alumns, I saw Carina, Jordan, Sonya, Leah, Joey, Rion, Chris Stock, Jamie, Frank, Andy, Wes, John, Kathy, Maddy, Victor, Robert Faltus, Al, and Ari.  In general, they were all winning their age groups!  After the race, Kathy, Leah, Joey, Sony, Carina and I went out for another tour, and took some photos.  This was classic skiing at its finest, under bluebird skis and great views on technical trails.  Wahoo!
Kathy on the trail.

CSU train on a cooldown.

Leah, Joey, and Sonya coming up a hill.

Admiring the view.

CSU checks out Vermont.

Let's just say one of the team vans got stuck.  CSU helped push, among others.

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