Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weston Awards Dinner

Tuesday evening was our annual costume race at Weston.  A good number of skiers came up with a costume they could actually ski in with varying success.  Once again, Sue and Terry McNatt won the top prize for their costumes, although I must say, chasing Terry in his was like chasing the Pillsbury Dough Boy the way his Tyvek suit ballooned out.  I still couldn't beat him though!  Andy and Rob served as Masters of Ceremonies and handed out awards (beer or chocolate) for the overall winners of the Weston Tuesday Championships of the World, who this year were John Sakalowsky and Maddy Wendt and to the age group winners.  A good post-race dinner and frivolity were enjoyed by all.  A few photos of a few of the winners:

Costume Skiers

Terry and Sue

Andy and Rob

3rd Place Winners in various age groups

1st Place Winners in various age groups

John and Maddy, series overall winners!

Mark was presented with the Golden Pole-Putter for Weston's tireless work

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