Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Regional Elite Camp at SMS

Today, June 25th, was the uphill run test in the morning.  In the afternoon the J2s did a strength test in the SMS fitness facility.  Pictures below.  Running shots are courtesy of Chris City.  Indoor shots courtesy of Janice Sibilia.

Jessie Diggins
Fastest time for women
World Championships Gold Medalist

Izzy Caldwell points the way to the finish to Leah.
They were motivated to avoid being "grandfathered" by the old guy chasing them. 

The old coach suffered with the troops.

J. Kern had a strong day.

Zoe makes it look easy as usual.

She hams it up

CharCole is getting fit.

Catles had the game face on.

Hadley gave it 100%.  Like every day.

SMS kids wish they could train outside at Jody's house


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