Monday, January 6, 2014

The Bogburn

Once again, Bob Haydock got lucky with the snow conditions and that nice storm last week provided about 7 more inches of perfect snow just in time for the Bogburn.  It was a cold day, but calm and sunny and so with some extra thick gloves, a buff, and good long underwear it was a perfect day.  The skiing was to die for.  Several CSUers made the trek to Pomfret, VT for the 30th edition of the race.  Leah Brams won the women's race in fine fashion, followed closely by Kathy Maddock in 3rd, Alex Jospe in 6th, Sonya Jampel in 14th, Allie Skahen in 38th, and alum Kaytie Innamorati 47th.  On the men's side CSU alum Chris Stock was the overall winner, another CSU alum Ian Moore was 5th, now skiing for GMVS and yet another alum Ian Meyer was 9th.   Then came Frank Feist, sking smoothly even at the end as always, in 12th, Ari Ofsevit 19th, Andy Milne 24th, Albert Innamorati 34th, your humble author in 35th, Victor 40th, Tom Simon 47th, Wes Denering 53rd, and William Rieders 62nd.  Not a bad showing for CSU! 

Bob and I skied around the course the next morning.  To see what you missed, here are the Bogburn Downhills:

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