Monday, February 17, 2014

Holderness Classic

The annual Cheri Walsh race at Holderness was a day very different from the day before at Waterville.  Temps had dropped way down into the teens, the sun was brilliant and the wind was whipping.  The wax team arrived bright and very early and set up shop in the lee of the Holderness gym and mostly out of the wind.  Wax testers Rob, Alex, Jamie and Kathy got started figuring out what to use and the day was underway.  The CSU wax crew started banging out skis, kids started warming up, the food table was piled high with all manner of good stuff and the races got under way.  With all the new snow, the Holderness course promised the best classic conditions in many years.  Races started with BKSL events and some of those little kids can ski!  Sign them up!  Most of the gang from yesterday were entered for the classic race give or take, but no Masters racers.  CSU ended up having a great day with Julia Kern dropping the hammer and her face mask on lap two to win the women's 10km.  Lots of skiers improved on their performance of the day before, notably Will Rhatigan moving from 18th to 8th, Rebecca having an excellent 10th, Rosie having a great race and Gavin and Jacob having solid races on the men's side among a few of the results.  Results can be found HERE.

Photos are below.  I was too busy waxing to see the J2s race, unfortunately.

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