Thursday, July 3, 2014

CSU cape CID camp

Day one greeted us with stellar weather but hot temperatures. So we decided to make full use of the beach. The ocean had built a sandbar 100 yards out but left a nice wide river for safe water fun activities. We had relays paddling boards, swimming and running. after a short break we did core in the ocean surf. Ah nice and cool when the waves come up. Then a fe clouds moved in and we claimed the parking lot for classic technique workouts which were followed by a short interval up the hill at the end. By 7 everyone was hungry and Sue and Dave had already prepared a wonderful pasta Dinner with Kale salad. Today started early with a quick out meal to energize. By 8! We were on our skis exploring the bik paths that wind through the dunes of the province lands. freshly paved - awesome! We master all the little hills up and down and then stopped at the visitor center. The ranger was very nice and showed us a movie on the geological history of the Cape, the whaling and the origin of the US coast guard. By 11 we were back hungry of course and after a lunch everyone is taking a break to evade the high heat of the day. we are also preparing for some rain but as you know CSU is a resilient crowd and I am sure a bit of weather will not impact further fun. So all is well here. I tried to post on the blog but it would not let me do it with pictures from my IPod.



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