Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Final Camp 2014 Report

Best Camp Ever!

Don't worry, this is just a drill!
After doing core and swimming at Lake Dennison State Park several campers volunteered to be subjects in a training drill for the lifeguards.  Below you can see Zoe after being "rescued" and pulled from the water on a backboard.

While the lifeguards drilled, our boys Will and and Lewis filled in as temporary guards.

Safety first (helmet, reflective vest), but when you go hard in rollerski intervals, sometimes you fall down. Ali took a hard crash and drew some blood.

Coach Dorcas Wonsavage educated the campers on the local flora.

One of the joys of summer camp is the many hours of unstructured time.  Although campers would like to have even more of it.  Nice to be "rich in sunny hours and summer days and spend them lavishly" as Thoreau said.

Thank you to coaches Dorcas, Kathy, Audrey, and Chris.  Thank you to all junior counselors.  Thank you to all parents for supporting this camp.  We made excellent progress on technique and fitness and had lots of fun.  Tentative dates for next year are July 6 to 11.  I will post agility test and skate interval time trial results very soon.

See you next year!

Coach Rob

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