Monday, September 11, 2017

Wachusett Uphill Run

Gorgeous weather for an uphill run workout yesterday. We all did a thorough warmup, which just happened to get us to the top of the mountain, then reconvened at the bottom to get started. Super thanks to our timers, Chris Daly, Shiela Niedeck, and Tod Niedeck (and possibly more that I missed).

This is not the time of year to be setting big PRs, as we're all coming off some heavy weeks of training, and with school just starting, a lot of the skiers haven't been sleeping an ideal amount. It's worth recognizing that when you don't run as fast as you want to, there are a lot of factors at stake, and they all need to be considered! So, think of this as an ode to all of you who left your summer homework for the last minute, and then had to borrow energy out of the recovery funds.

And whether or not you were faster than May, this workout is an excellent way to make you faster in the winter. Congrats to everyone who got to the top of that hill with a good honest effort! (and those U18s, you lucky ducks, got to do it twice :)

James  Kitch  14:26
Jacob  Jampel  14:41
Linden  Niedeck 15:53
Ben  Buchheit 15:59
Lucas  Daly  17:40
Dante  Vetrone 17:52
Heiner  Baumann 18:06
Madeline Kitch         18:12
Barry  Kitch  18:16
Laura  Appleby 18:54
Alex  Jospe  19:09
Kevin  Telfer  19:13
Francesca Kitch  19:43
Eva  Baumann 19:48
Robert  Watt  20:18
Jane Anna Chapman 21:11
Katy  Graddy  21:55
Milo  Song-Weiss 22:12
Brian  Telfer  22:21
Hannah  Parker  22:51
Kathie  Watt  25:50

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