Sunday, March 16, 2008

Huge Weekend for CSU!

It was a huge weekend for CSU as skiers at both the Eastern High School Championships and the Sugarloaf marathon emerged victorious.

At EHS, CSU Jrs Chris Stock and Olga Golovkina both won two races, were on the 1st place relay team, along with CSUer Nadja Kern and Nick Fogel from Western Mass, and also won the all-around top honors! Massachusetts took 5 of a possible 7 1st places at the event, which I am pretty sure is unprecedented. The relay win by Massachusetts was the first time in the 25 year history of the event.

At the Sugarloaf Marathon CSU's Alex Jospe took home the top prize for women in the final NE marathon of the year with a narrow 5 second victory at the finish over Lauren Jacobs. Frank Feist came home in 13th overall and Andy Milne in 15th for 2nd and 3rd in their age group, respectively. Wes Denering finished 34th and Michael Melnikov 51st.

EHS turned out to be a massive klister-fest with 2 classic races and the 2 classic legs of the relay all requiring klister. I have never waxed so many skis with so much klister in my life and I'm not sure I want to do that again any time soon! Over the course of Saturday and Sunday we used Toko Multiviola, Rode Multigrade, Toko Silver, Rex OV, Rode Rossa, and Toko green basebinder on race skis in delightful combinations. That doesn't include all the other stuff we tried and rejected and all the rilling and Jetstream application that also had to be done. Nothing like icy, granular snow slightly below freezing, but warming up through the morning to race time to keep you hopping with constant wax testing, re-testing and re-testing again and then applying in a hurry to get all the kids to the starting line on time. However, the Mass waxing team did quite well and the kids had good skis so I'm not complaining although my klister thumb and back are.

In addition to Olga and Chris' winning efforts many other CSUers had excellent results over the weekend. Isaac Hoenig was fourth and Jimmy Burnham (photo) 10th in the classic race and Nadja Kern was 10th in the skate race, 9th in the classic sprint and 10th in the classic race. It was pretty sweet to have three Massachusetts boys and two girls in the top ten in today's race and in the top 10 for the all-around competition.

Full results for all races can be found at:

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