Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Record!

It may have been April Fools day but its no joke......we raced this evening at Weston.  The only April Fools were the gang that actually showed up!  It was slushy and bumpy and hasn't been groomed in at least a week, but the skiing was remarkably good and got better the more it got skied in and flattened out.  Mark wanted a 4 lapper, so what Mark wants......Mark gets!  It was the full course with a couple minor deviations, like on the first downhill where we had to jog over to the uphill to go down and then back up the same track and then at the top of Mt. Weston a little scamper over about 5-6 feet of pine needles to get out back.  Other than that, full coverage.  I took several people off course when I forgot on lap 2 to do the first turn at the bowl and went around the next turn and had to chase everyone once I got back on course.  Ooopsy. This was one of the longest races of the season time-wise.  Like 28 min. After the race a few of us retired to Skelligs in Waltham for dinner and a beer, a perfect evening.

Everyone agreed it was well worth coming out for one more race.  Are we done now?  I think next week you might be able to race the front fairway and out back if they remain connected.  Check back and see! 

Plenty of bumpy snow to ski on!

A good crew on a nice evening, ready to do four laps

Is this the End? NO!

This is from the 3/25/14 Weston race.  We'll try again tonight to go for the record!