Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kearsarge TT

A little sun, a few raindrops and a little snow!  A cool, breezy day greeted the rollerskiers for Kearsarge Time Trial #1, including some snow falling at the top just to get everyone in the mood for the real thing.  This is a tough climb!  Hamish quickly separated himself from the pack for the win on the male side of things and Cate and Alex had a good duel on the female side all the way up the mountain until Cate gapped Alex.

Here are a few photos.  Lots more photos can be found at:
Video to follow soon, so check back!
Sue Officiates

Hamish loses the pack

Cate puts a move on Alex

John leads out Cate
First tracks in the snow!!
The results:

1. Hamish McEwen 32:05
2. Rob Bradlee 34:25
3. Chris Burnham 35:04
4. John LaChance 35:09
5. Bob Burnham 35:10
6. Brett Rutledge 35:25
7. Cate Brams 35:40
8. Alex Jospe 35:50
9. Max LaChance 36:33
10. Robert Faltus 38:55
11. Kevin Broker 40:22
12. Hannah Smith 42:15
13. Rebecca Smith 49:50

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cross Country Season Heating Up!

Some big meets this week for CSU Jrs., pitting CSUer against CSUer and also with some darned good performances. 

In a big meet of perenniel powers Newton North and Brookline, Brookline took both races.  Freshman Charlotte Cole had a fabulous performance finishing 2nd overall in 19:37 and 1st for Brookline and Julia Schiantarelli also had a great race running 4th for Newton North and 9th overall in 21:02.  Rumor has it that Brookline's course is a beast of a course.

In the Dual County League Championships, lots of CSUers were taking part.  On the girls side freshman Zoe Snow finished 17th overall and 4th for Weston HS in 19:52, Catherine Benson was 45th overall and 4th for Acton Boxborough in 21:45.  L-S was 1st, CC was 2nd, Weston 3rd and AB was 4th.d

On the boys side Eli Hoenig was 6th overall and 1st for L-S in 16:16, Chris Burnham was 26th in 17:13 and Greg Holdman was 38th in 17:41.  AB won with CC in 3rd and L-S in 4th.

For JV boys, Hank Yoder came in 119th in 21:31 and Ryan Clemens was 141st in 22:29.

For JV girls, Blake McCartney was 39th in 24:04, Kelsey Colpitts was 58th in 25:18 and Courtney Lunger was 67th in 26:01.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

DP TT and Speeds

Of course, 15 minutes before the scheduled double pole time trial it started to rain lightly, which would slow down the rollerskis.  Since one of the main points of the TT is to see how your fitness is improving and since the rain would slow down the skis it was decided to warm up and just do the same thing as a workout instead.  Fortunately, it did stop raining once everyone got going.  At the end the juniors did 5 speeds to finish out the workout.  A few photos and a couple videos from the day:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Focus on DP

This afternoon's workout was focused on upper body with lots of double poling, single poling and kick double pole for those running cross country this fall while the CSU X group took a long run in the woods.  Video of the rollerski workout.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mt Kearsarge Hill Climb Time Trial Series


To sign up for this race and see a better version of the flyer, go to the NENSA site at:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Littleton 10 9 10.mp4

Gorgeous Weather!

What a beautiful day for a rollerski! A good gang showed up considering it is a holiday weekend. Nothing but photos and video coming soon!  Classic day to do classic with mostly double-pole.

Hamish demonstrating high hands to the older guys
Alan cruising
Frank and Rob cresting the hill
Hannah and Max yacking
Max and Hannah.....still yacking
Frank enjoying the day!
Coach Bradlee chasing


Kaytie home from college


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Olivia Attends US Ski Team Banquet

Olivia Meyerson's report on the US Ski Team Banquet this week:

On Wednesday night, I went to the New England US Ski team banquet with my friend Anna. It was a very exciting event with many members of the Olympic ski team there (and some other very important people--Rob and Jim!). I was lucky enough to meet Liz Stephen, Lindsey Vonn and Andy Newell! Talking with Liz Stephen was great...she was extremely nice and very encouraging (always saying good things about CSU:)) Later on, there was an incredible trampoline show where people from the Olympic trampoline team and alpine/snowboard jumpers gave the crowd a show. Altogether it was a very fun event!

 Olivia with Liz Stephen
 Olivia and her friend Anna with Andy Newell
Trampoline skiing!

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Fall Sports Results

CC vs L-S
I see that in the big CC/L-S smackdown CC took top honors in the boys race while L-S took the girls race, but darned if I can find the individual results anywhere.  This is a crime that needs to be fixed.  In this day of the internet there really is no excuse for this paucity of data. 

AB vs. Tyngsboro and Wayland - Girls
 3. Catherine Benson (AB) 18:29

Bay State XC Invitational, Wrentham
D1 JV Boys - 5km
141  Chris Koziel   20:26

D1 Varsity Boys - 5km
13  Eli Hoenig  16:40.8
42  Greg Holdman 17:18

D1 Freshman Girls - 3km
4  Charlotte Cole 12:25

D2 Varsity Boys - 5km
61  Rion O'Grady  17:53

D1 Varsity Girls - 5km
125  Julia Schiantarelli  22:33

D2 Varsity Girls - 5km
92    Katie Cosman  22:40

Katie also has had the following results in other races:
4th for Melrose, and fourth overall in a dual meet with Belmont

4th for Melrose, and seventh overall against Stoneham
Melrose won both of those races.

3rd for Melrose, and tenth overall in a tri meet with Burlington/Winchester. Melrose lost to both of those schools that day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

22nd Annual CSU Rollerski Race

The 22nd Annual CSU Rollerski Race will be held on Sunday November 7 this year.  The race is a 15km classic race (7.5km for juniors) on a 2 lap course in N. Andover.  The first hill has been repaved as well as the back side of the course.  Should be good!

Map of the race course can be seen at:

For a race entry form email me at:
I could use some help with corners and timing.  If you can help out please let me know!

Concept2 Ski Erg Sprints

Concept2 has announced the dates for their "SkiErg World Sprints", Nov 12-14. This is a dispersed event; you get on a SkiErg wherever you can, go 1000 m, and then submit your time to Concept2. They post it on it with everyone else's times on their web site.

Last year Eric Brote, Alex Jospe, Hamish McEwen, Andy Milne, Corey Stock, and Jim Stock participated. Corey and Andy were 4th and 1st in their age classes. (I'm not surprised)

The Bermans now have a SkiErg, and any CSUers who want to get into the competition can contact us to arrange a time to come over.

Sara Mae & Larry Berman

Alex yanking on the ERG at last year's Concept2 test