Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lake Placid Road Trip

Matt Voisin, Mass. coach and writer for Faster Skier "working" at the race.

Rebecca Smith fell on the granite rocks at the top of the mountain and cut her legs very nicely.  Greg found a deep mud hole.

3 CSU Juniors on the podium.  Calvin 2nd for the J1/J2 division, Max 3rd.  Julia 3rd.

Entire crew after the race.

Is skiing up a mountain physically challenging?  You know it.  I guess they can fish.

View from the Lake Placid library.  Even study hall was fun on this trip.

Sunday we hiked up Hurricane mountain.

Our second peak of the weekend.  In the background on the right is Whiteface where they skied up on Saturday.

Yeah, those are big muscles.

It ain't a CSU workout without some blood getting spilled.

Good pic and race videos here:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Littleton in the Sun

We had a smallish group at Littleton today with some off at Lake Placid to climb Whiteface and others off at cross country meets or practice.  I had a little time to get out on the course and catch a little bit of the action.
 John and Frank
Cate and Corey

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Littleton Roll

A very nice day for a classic rollerski in Littleton.  Nice weather, not too hot, not too much traffic, plenty of fluids at the CSU pit stops and lots of CSU juniors and masters, Bates and Harvard skiers.  Littleton is rollerski center on Saturdays! 
Rosie, Mark, Meg and Clara on the 14 mile loop

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Elite Development Pipeline

Several CSU juniors have been named to the Elite Development Pipeline because they qualified for the A Team, B Team, D Team, National Elite Group, National Training Group or the National J2 Group.  Congratulations to everyone named to a team for their hard work and dedication and to everyone else who pushes these skiers in practice and in races! 

National Training Group - Corey Stock
National J2 Group - Zoe Snow
                             - Cate Brams
                             - Hamish McEwen

Link to the announcement: