Monday, August 13, 2018

July adventure weekend

As usual, I'm late when it comes to posting photos from the weekend, because this is three weeks late. Regardless, it was a good weekend. started at a Walmart parking lot, which was a total cultural experience for some of us. About 99 boxes of clif bars were purchased here.

Then on to the parking area for our rollerski, which doubled as the parking lot for some swimming. Good thing, because somebody locked keys in his car, and we all spent a little longer at the swimming hole than initially planned. All good, we had food and water and swimming and it didn't start thunderstorming until we were all safely indoors eating burritos. Win for the day. 

Salvation on a hot day takes the form of the Rumney general store.

Sofia and I enjoying cold drinks on the Rumney store front porch

Gorgeous pavement, gorgeous views.

A different form of salvation - a cold stream for our heads and helmets at the top of a loooong climb.

Francesca leading the pack through Rumney

Starting out

So after our burritos, we set up camp at the Campton site, and attempting to make a fire for s'mores, but the previously mentioned thunderstorms had things pretty wet, and that, combined with a lack of real kindling, had us eating cold s'mores, for no lack of trying.

The next morning we headed up to the Kancamangus, to drop some cars along the way, and then we all skied back up to the first trailhead. From there we started on a fairly long, fairly hilly, 12-19 mile loop (depending on where you ended up cutting back toward the cars). It was a gorgeous day for a hike, clear and almost cool when we started, though it got pretty hot. The group moved along at a good clip, and we ended up separating at Downe's Brook trail, with about half heading down that way and the other half hitting Whiteface and Passaconaway before heading down.

There were a couple slips, we may have run out of water, and at one point we may have gotten lost, but we all ended up in one piece, in one place, and with smiles all around. Well-deserved pizza and ice cream after a long day!

post-hike coach selfie

Looking down the slide toward Lake Winnipesaukee.