Sunday, August 24, 2008

Awesome Day at Waterville

What constitutes a perfect summer day of training? For those who came up to Waterville Valley today for a training day hosted by the Riches, they found out. A perfect day consists of bright sunny weather with low humidity and warm temperatures, a great group of friends getting together, a 2 hour rollerski, lots of stuff to eat for lunch to fuel up, a great hike of Dickey and Welch mountains with great views up and down the valley followed by perhaps the best part....a bracing but totally revitalizing swim in the Mad River complete with some tubing.

A few photos of the day:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Beautiful Morning on the Water!

It hasn't been the best weather lately so when today dawned clear and with no chance of rain for a change I tossed the kayak on the car for a little kayak cross training paddle around Crane's Beach. This is a great little paddle, just over 10 miles and on a day like this how could you go wrong! I took the pictures in calm areas but with the wind out of the west and the incoming tide it made for interesting conditions and choppy waves. FUN!

Lots and lots of boat traffic though with the nice weather. Got to watch out. 2nd photo shows some of the ones anchored on the backside of Crane's.
A great day with some hard paddling.

Friday, August 8, 2008

King Ravine Hike

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. Here's a photo I took on vacation last week from King Ravine on the north side of Mt. Adams, one of the very best hikes in the White Mountains. Sarah and Evan love it. You haven't hiked the Whites until you do King Ravine and Huntington's Ravine! One of the really fun things is to take the Subway down under all those giant boulders you see at the bottom of the ravine. Click on the photo to get the full size version.

Haad Coah Skias

Mari, Alex and Luke after a wet roll finishing in the dark.
Photo by Alex.