Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Wachusett uphill run #1

You know that summer training is truly underway once we've done a Wachusett time trial! The purpose of the TT is to get in a hard effort, some vertical feet, and to practice some of your race-day habits. We did a standard warmup, and hopefully everyone was able to do some evaluation on whether that was good for them or they need something different.

We'll be doing this time trial again in late August, so you can see how your times compare. The new course is a good mix of steep hiking and some dirt road running, without being so technical that you're being skill-limited.

Great to have such a large group of athletes and coaches out there on the hill! A huge thank you to Chris Daly, Robert Shycon, and Linda Dell for their assistance with timing.

Sunny, Approximately 75 degrees

Start Point
Carved bench approximately 50 meters due east of Wachusett Base Lodge deck, closest to base of Easy Rider carpet lift, adjacent to Mile Hill Road / Mountain Road.

Follow dirt access road across lower ski slope to Old Indian Trail, then follow Old Indian trail to Summit.
End Point: Touch Observation Tower.
Distance: Approximately 2.0 miles/3.2km. Elevation change: approximately 1000 feet/305 m.

Finish Order

Eli Gallaudet  20:02
Owen Matejka  20:30
Henry Johnstone  20:57
Christiaan Eikeboom  21:12
Sam Gallaudet  23:15
Ari O.  23:18
David Shycon  23:34
Mica Bodkins  23:41
Cat Johnstone  24:20
Sophia Scirica  24:29
Lucas Daly  24:41
Bryce Lublin  25:01
Ella Nichol  25:10
Francesca Kitch  25:21
Isabella Synnestvedt  25:41
Evie Walton  25:47
Barry Kitch  26:08
Ashley Bodkins  26:33
Ellie Sablak  26:48
Laura Appleby  27:39
Emily Appleby  29:58
Abby Stathis  31:16
Alex Jospe  DQ (wouldn't touch the base)

The post-run photo at the top!