Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Littleton on a sunny day

Lotta girls today, and... two... boys.  Any questions why this club is ranked so high for the ladies?

Rebecca and Clara cruising

plastic bag is tasty.

Rebecca and Olivia cruising up the last hill.

Phoebe skiing strong today!

Clara and Carina on the last hill.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

CSU Race Results

Race results from James Jampel

Weston, MA July 18 7pm.  Upper 80's, humid, sun behind clouds. 

Over 700 finishers.

16.  Will Rhatigan  29:15
22.  Jacob Jampel  29:42
90.  James Jampel  35:15
98.  Marshall Randolph  35:28
379.  Sandra Marwill   44:04

Julia Hits the Tunnel in Sweden

It seems to be the year of the ski tunnel, first Alex in Finland and now Julia Homa in Sweden!  Considering how boiled we are here in New England at this moment, thoughts of skiing and a ski tunnel seem mighty pleasant!  Rob and I are drooling over the wax truck......Julia has covered all team bases sporting her new CSU t-shirt and her old BKSL jacket.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


The last night of ski camp was finally really nice, so everyone moved outside so Rob could work on everyone visualizing the perfect time trial the next day - amid a plethora of mosquitos.  And then the sprinklers came on.....

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ski Camp, Last Morning

For the first time all week the morning dawned with no fog and a light, cool northerly breeze!  Nice!  After the morning jog and breakfast everyone got ready for the time trial intervals on a nearby street that features a rather tough uphill which most kids do 4 times and some of the J2s do 3 times.  We'll get the results up here soon when they are done.  In the meantime, here are a bunch of photos.  Lots of grimacing on these tough intervals. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

CSU Camp - Wapack Run

This morning was our annual run/hike of the Wapack Trail.  2 buses drive to Windblown ski area and run south and 2 start at Rt. 119 in Mass and run north.  Unlike last year, it was overcast and very humid and threatening rain, which, fortunately never came and it was not hot.  Kathy and I took the North to South groups while Amie  and Rob took the South to North gang.  We ran through Windblown and headed up Barrett Mt. and at that point we were already mostly bathed in sweat.  A brief stop for a photo op in the green ferns of the glade that resulted from the ice storm several years ago and then on we went. 

I never saw the front of the pack after that since there was no stopping, although many pulled over to pick a few ripe blueberries that were abundant on the ridge.  Who needs a GU or a cliff bar when you have fresh blueberries to graze on!  Apparently the usual stop at the Binney Pond Overlook was too buggy, so on we went.  The fast boys group headed north passed us somewhere in that stretch making really good time.  A little further back was Rob and a few more of the boys heading up to the ridge.  Down at the end of Binney Pond there was a water hazard we had to cross one at a time, although by this time I was so wet from the grass and sweat I considered just running across it.  A shaky log, a 2x4 that sank when you stepped on it, a few slippery rocks and we were across.  Finally I caught up to the main pack as I had been getting smoked by everyone up to that point.  A quick photo of Amie and her group headed north and then on we went, now running on an old logging road. 

The girls in this group were having a great time yacking and running while several minutes ahead was Kathy with the front of the pack, led by Julia K.  Finally we did the schlep up Mt. Watatic to the top and then right back down, finished off with a sprint to the vans. 

Everyone changed and I grossed everyone out wringing the sweat from my singlet.  then we loaded up and headed to Kimball's for lunch and ice-cream.  Rob and Amie drove in a bit later and the whole camp was back together.  Amie outdid herself, succumbing to an ice-cream dare and she almost managed to eat this giant conglomeration of ice-cream and toppings.  It was an impressive effort indeed!

Finally, we swam at Lake Dennison after a bit of core exercises.  The lake was cooler and more refreshing than a few days ago.  A great end to a day of hard efforts.  Tonight we talk about psychological preparation for ski racing.  Its been a good day.....again!