Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer camp

Great week at summer camp back in early July. Here are some photos.

The whole crew on top of Watatic

Getting a bounding demo

Rob has two feet off the ground!

Some of the girls heading off on a ski

Some of the boys rolling

Drink break!


Still rolling

Rolling faster

oops, spotted raspberries. not rolling anymore

Monadnock from the school

Annual mini golf tournament. Rob won.

Tweedos mini golf is only the best.

Kathy drove the awesome van. It has seatbelts, a working radio, and suspension. You can guess which features excited the coaches and which excited the skiers.

View from the Dublin trail ascending Monadnock

Kathy and Grace on the ridge

Skiers up top. Kind of crowded on top, gorgeous mountain day

Drink break

View of the top from Pumpelly trail

Heading down. not going full send today, just chill.

Dip in Dublin lake after

Monadnock looks so small from here!

Then Kimballs for ice cream. Necessary after the tiny snack the dining hall packed in lieu of lunch. Teenagers doing lots of physical activity generally like to eat more for lunch than an apple, half a turkey sandwich, a bag of chips, and three packs of mustard. fyi.

Also, Clara slayed the ice cream eating. She crushed that sundae mostly alone, and in less than 5 minutes.

The boys got a sundae and it took them longer and two extra people.

Skit night

Results from the skate intervals on the last day. Seems some folks could use a lesson in pacing. Always interesting to see how people do given a hard effort after a heavy week. Some rise to the occasion, some crumble. Also very dependent on how much they're sleeping...