Friday, December 30, 2011

MSA Time Trial Results

Here are the results of the pursuit time trial. Sorry about the lack of formatting. Classic leg first and then total time.

First Last Classic Finish

Eli Hoenig 12:48 0:24:50
Ian Moore 12:50 0:24:58
Calvin Wight 12:51 0:24:59
Jimmy Burnham 12:52 0:25:07
Koby Gordon 13:21 0:26:16
Greg Holdman 13:29 0:26:16
Frank Feist 13:20 0:26:22
Rion O'Grady 13:25 0:26:25
Andy Milne 13:23 0:26:38
Max LaChance 13:45 0:26:53
Jordan Richmond 13:36 0:27:31
Corey Stock 14:12 0:27:41
Olivia Meyerson 14:21 0:27:51
Chris Koziel 14:14 0:27:58
Halley Grossman 14:25 0:27:59
Rob Bradlee 14:11 0:28:00
Sean Skahen 14:50 0:28:08
Alex Jospe 14:22 0:28:32
\Jacob Meyerson 14:23 0:28:36
Nick Reitman 14:37 0:28:39
Zoe Snow 14:42 0:28:55
Bob Burnham 15:14 0:29:39
Cate Brams 14:59 0:30:02
Lewis Nottonson 15:48 0:30:18
John McDaniel 15:00 0:30:49
Rebecca Smith 15:20 0:31:43
Hank Yoder 16:07 0:31:48
Ryan Clemens 15:46 0:32:08
Leah Brams 16:00
Charlotte Cole 16:04 0:32:09
Jamie Doucett 16:15 0:32:45
Russell Boswell 16:19
Rosie Cobb 16:48 0:33:31
Julia Schiantarelli 17:09
Clara Cousins 17:15 0:34:01
Meg Yoder 17:16 0:34:11
Katrin O'Grady 17:48 0:34:18
Blake McCartney 17:18 0:36:04
Katie Cosman 19:19 0:37:29
Valentina 19:22
Mary Lagunowich 19:45 0:38:59
Carinna Wallach 21:27 0:39:41
Phoebe Seltzer 20:37 0:39:56
Izzy Cole 21:02
Claire Tefler 21:25 0:40:52

Thursday, December 29, 2011

MSA Pursuit Race!

Today dawned bright and sunny and quite cold - a typical MSA day in other words - with temps at about 0F and some light wind.  With a few BKSL skiers and a few college racers joining us the field for the classic portion of the pursuit was 43 strong!!  Everyone laid out their skate equipment for the transition and started on classic skies on Trail 11, a mass of skiers jockeying for position with no track on the first hill.  Up front Eli took command with Ian, Calvin and Jimmy close behind, while Corey set the pace for the girls with Olivia chasing hard.   On the skate leg the order stayed the same at the front while the order changed around a bit further back.  Eli, Ian, Calvin and Jimmy took the first 4 slots amongst the men and Corey, Olivia, Halley Grossman and Zoe held down the first four places for women. 

Erin took some photos.  Results will be up later.
 Eli leads the field out at the start

 Timing crew investigating the snow?
 Eli at the end of leg 1
 Ian and Calvin chasing hard
 Frank and Koby from SMS
 Eli putting poles on at transition
 Rob bringing it home
 Corey and Rob
Halley (SMS) and Jacob

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MSA Camp

It was a very interesting day at MSA with about 5" of new snow overnight which was thoroughly soaked by rain.  Turns out the skate workout this morning was remarkably good!  Fast snow that forced you to work on your balance.  Then this afternoon the hoped for snow kind of petered out and so the classic ski was rather interesting.  Slick tracks without a lot of kick.....Perfect!  Tomorrow it will be about 0F for our time trial.  Nothing like a little change in the weather.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MSA Camp - Evening Entertainment

After a full day of skiing and a fabulous turkey dinner, some evening entertainment that does not involve a TV playing bananagrams.  

Some photos from MSA

The team made it up to Quebec with no incidents, and everybody seems to be thoroughly enjoying the snow. They say it isn't much snow, but it's far more than what we had at the Weston Ski Track, so no complaints from this team! I haven't taken any photos on the trails, yet, but here are some from the CSU condo #2 of very active watching of Extreme Couponing.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Skate Video - Craftsbury

Finally getting this up!  Enjoy.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Craftsbury Video

The video is  a short one of some of the girls in the classic prologue race at Craftsbury. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More photos from Prospect time trial

Jamie's camera takes way better photos; clearly he's dropped it on the ground less times than I have mine. But here are some more photos, from the start of the time trial.

Maddy - "don't catch me too fast!"

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prospect Skate Photos

 Julia S.
 John P. 
 Sean S.
 Julia K.
 Chris K.

Skate Time Trial - Prospect Pain Hill

Alex was all excited after the time trial because.... it is a painful exercise!  We had to address a couple icy patches on the road now that the weather is actually cold.  I'd forgotten about ice!  A sparkling clear day for one more time trial.

First  Last Name Race Time

Greg Holdman    16:06
Sean Skahen       16:29
Julia Kern           18:01
Alex Jospe         18:05
Chris Koziel       18:24
Maddy Wendt    20:06
Charlotte Cole    20:41
Julia Schiantarelli 20:42
Rosie Cobb        20:51
Clara Cousins     21:37
Phoebe Seltzer    22:55
John Powers       24:20
Carinna Wallach  27:21
Sam Kuperstein   30:30
Cecily Powers     30:54

CSU All Scholastics

I scanned the All Scholastics this morning and the following CSUers were named as All Stars for cross country.  Congrats everyone!  I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Olivia Cannon
Zoe Snow
Charlotte Cole
Eli Hoenig
Greg Holdman
Ian Meyer

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hill Bounding in the Dark and the Rain and the Winter Moths

It was a lovely evening in the dark with the rain and winter moths you had to avoid sucking down your windpipe. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Prospect TT Video

Gunther shot some nice video with his new camera of some of the juniors.  Here it is:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prospect Hill Classic Time Trial

Given the lack of snow in New England, Canada, Norway, Finland and other places where there is supposed to be snow by now, we decided to hold a classic time trial at Prospect Hill in Waltham, Ma.  The road is now closed to traffic and includes a 1/2 mile very steep uphill and then a flatter section on top.  To mimic the first JNQ, we first held a sprint qualifier on top that was approximately 1.4km long and then after some easy skiing everyone walked down to the bottom and did a 2.9km time trial up the big hill and then incorporating the back and forth section.  Both races finished with a tough uphill.  Coaches and parents basically swept and raked leaves off the entire course and then we were ready to go!  Thanks to the new CSU radios (thanks Jay!) we were able to coordinate watches in these point to point races and then sent the juniors off on 15 second intervals.  I have sorted the results into the first race and then the second race so you can see how things shuffled around with the longer distance.

More pictures and video will follow this week!

Bib First Last Race 1 Time
24 Eli Hoenig          3:47
6 Calvin Wight        4:00
9 Nathan Moreau    4:13
16 Corey Stock      4:27
12 Sean Skahen      4:29
1 Max LaChance    4:31
23 Julia Kern          4:34
22 Gavin McEwen  4:39
4 Olivia Meyerson   4:42
2 Chris Koziel         4:46
7 Zoe Snow            4:50
3 Jacob Meyerson   4:53
20 Lewis Nottonson4:53
8 Hadley Moreau     5:03
18 Hank Yoder       5:07
10 John McDaniel    5:13
5 Clara Cousins       5:29
15 Julia Schiantarelli 5:43
17 Meg Yoder        5:48
21 John Powers      5:58
11 Phoebe Seltzer   7:02
19 Corina Wallach  7:03

Bib First Last Race 2 Time
24 Eli Hoenig          10:02
6 Calvin Wight        10:21
9 Nathan Moreau    10:57
22 Gavin McEwen   11:43
1 Max LaChance     11:49
16 Corey Stock      11:55
12 Sean Skahen      12:03
23 Julia Kern          12:03
4 Olivia Meyerson  12:13
20 Lewis Nottonson 12:30
3 Jacob Meyerson  12:34
2 Chris Koziel         12:35
10 John McDaniel   12:54
7 Rebecca Smith     13:09
18 Hank Yoder       13:16
8 Hadley Moreau    13:23
15 Julia Schiantarelli 14:36
5 Clara Cousins       14:40
17 Meg Yoder        15:18
21 John Powers      16:14
11 Phoebe Seltzer   18:09
19 Corina Wallach  18:36

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sigh.....Another Beautiful Fall Day in Littleton

Ok, I've reported on many beautiful days we've had for rollerskiing in Littleton, but its now December, the traditional opening day for a good long ski at Waterville Valley, so, hey winter GET A MOVE ON IT!  In the meantime, as Alex notes, we will continue to get ready for blue stick, solid tracks in fresh powder, the quiet swoosh of skis on snow and that special feeling when it all clicks because we've trained hard all summer and fall.