Friday, December 31, 2010

Mt. Ste. Anne Time Trial

Here are the results from the time trial - seems like some of the transition times were a bit screwy, so we didn't type those. Weather conditions were chilly - 8F, sunny, not much wind. Tracks were in good condition, and everyone skied really well!

Name      Total finish        Classic       Transition         Skate

Eli            24:07             12:31           :55                   10:41
Hamish     24:17             12:31           :41                   11:05
Kevin       25:15             12:30           :50                   12:05
Neil         25:39              13:13           :44                   11:42
Andy       25:40              13:13           :42                   11:45
Rob         25:42              13:13           :45?                 11:20
Ian           25:43              13:13                                   11:25
Frank       26:10              13:12                                   12:17
Ryan O'G 26:18              13:13                                   12:06
Chris K    26:23              13:29                                   12:18
Calvin      26:29               13:31                                   11:56
Hallie       26:30               13:35                                   12:30
Cate         26:32              13:35                                   12:29
Greg         26:35              13:33                                   12:01
Stoddard   26:55             13:33                                    12:51
Alex          27:25             14:20                                    12:23
Jordan       27:28             13:33                                    12:23
Max           28:13            13:32                                     13:39
Hannah      28:15            14:11                                     13:18
Olivia         29:36            14:42                                     13:23
Zoe            29:37            14:40                                     13:30
Jacob         30:45            15:01                                     14:17
Rebecca     31:46            15:43                                     15:17
Julia            32:47            16:42                                     14:47
Charlotte     32:50           16:56                                     15:05
Kaytie         32:59           16:29                                     15:38
John            33:13           16:07                                     15:50
Hank           33:17           17:04                                     14:47
Ryan C        33:22           16:50                                     16:19
Katie C        34:07           17:13                                    15:32
Blake           37:51           18:28                                    17:56
Clara           38:54            19:04                                    18:22
Meg            41:14            20:11                                    19:47

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mont Saint Anne

First photo dump! Its cold up here, but snowy and fun. The internet in Rob's condo is pretty slow, so only a couple photos.

We found the salle de fartage hilarious. Mostly, I found it hilarious, the kids were like, dude, that's how you say "wax" in french, stop laughing.

Every night, the kids clean up the dishes. Its a pretty sweet life for the coaches.

Warmup loop.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

J2 A and B Finals

Craftsbury Videos

The first two of several videos I'll try to get up over the next few days.  These are the J2 seminfinal heats.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Craftsbury Sprint Photos

A few photos from last Saturday's action at Craftsbury:
 Max, prelims
 Eli, prelims
 Tom, prelims
 Sean, prelims
 Hamish and Chris, Semifinals
 Cate, Semifinals
Cate, Julia and Zoe
CSU domination in J2 Girls Finals!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

1st Big Race Weekend

A large contingent of CSU Jrs. headed north to Vermont this weekend for the first big weekend of racing of the new season.  First stop was Craftsbury for a skate sprint.  Craftsbury barely had enough snow for the race, but the course they put together held up very well and was very spectator friendly and fun as you could watch virtually the entire race on the twisty, windy course.  Six J2s qualified for the elimination rounds but no one in the older age groups could qualify, in large part because the field was completely stacked with all the college and elite club racers.  The elimination rounds were really fun to watch with close races in nearly every race.  In the J2 girls A final Cate Brams, Julia Kern and Zoe Snow toed the line with Cate taking charge on the first tight corner.  Cate stayed in the lead for the entire race but was challenged in the finish straight by Julia Kern with Zoe Snow not far behind for a CSU sweep of the podium!!  Then, in the B final, Rebecca Smith took off, also establishing a lead by the first corner and lengthening the lead on the downhills.  Rebecca was getting hauled in on the finish straight until she fired up and awesome V2 and put the race in the bag.

On the J2 boys side, Hamish McEwen took a big lead by the first corner and tried to put Stratton skier Tyler Foulkes way but Tyler hung tough the entire race.  Tyler put on a great sprint and overhauled Hamish, who finished second.  In the B final, Chris Koziel  hung tight with the two leaders finishing in 3rd for 9th overall.

Today was a classic day, with the races moved to Jericho to the Ethan Allen Biathlon Range, which had quite a bit more snow and excellent conditions.  In the J2 races CSU again dominated, with leaders switching around.  In the boys race Hamish took a commanding lead right from the start and was not challenged the entire race.  Chris Koziel came home 9th again and Max LaChance moved up to 10th while Sean Skahen was 19th and Jacob Meyerson 21st.  On the girls side, Cate was in a tight race the entire way with Heidi Halvorsen and Brooke Mooney.  The race came down to a double pole duel with Heidi prevailing by 1.3 seconds over Cate.  Following closely behind was Julia Kern in 4th, Zoe Snow in 7th and Rebecca Smith in 8th.  In the women's race Hannah Smith got knocked down in the mass start which set her back, but she moved through the field to finish 32nd.  Katie Innamorati, home from college with 0 days of skiing under her belt skiied well to come home 95th.  In the men's race, Eli Hoenig had an excellent race, moving up the entire way in the mass start field, finishing 42nd and 2nd J1.  Chris Burnham was 98th, Rob Bradlee, starting in the Masters wave 102nd, Neil Garrison 124th, Greg Holdman 130th and Evan Doucett, home from college and skiing his first race in 3 years 139th. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Day On Snow!!!

Thanks to some wicked cold weather this week, Weston was able to pump out a fairway of great snow for our first on-snow workout of the season and the weather warmed up to make for a delightful workout.  Most of the CSUers who didn't go up to Trapps with Rob made it out to Weston.  We timed things right and after a few dryland skate drills we got on the  snow just as Dover-Sherborn and BKSL were done so we had the place almost to ourselves.  The order of the day was to start getting comfortable on the snow with quite a bit of no pole, Alt V2 and V2 skiing, ending up with a fun relay race.  Several CSU Masters out catching the great conditons including Larry Elswit, Marshall Randolph, Wes Denering, Michael Melnikov and Victor Golovkin.
 Olivia et al
 Julia, Ryan and Hank
Ryan has some body awareness issues
LeMans start for the relay 
 Waiting for the relay tag
 CSU Alum Evan holding off Eli

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Practice Sprint Race

1K Classic Time Trial Results

Annursnac Hill Rd. Concord
December 5, 2010

1. Hamish McEwen 2:46
2. Eli Hoenigh 2:47
3. Chris Burnham 2:57
4. Rion O'Grady 3:16
5. Chris Koziel 3:21
6. Hannah Smith 3:22
7. Max Lachance 3:25
7. Sean Shahen 3:25
9. Cate Brams 3:36
10.Rebecca Smith 3:41
11.Zoe Snow 3:43
12.John McDaniel 4:07
13.Hank Yoder 4:21
14.Katie Cosman 4:24
15.Clara Cousins 4:31
16.Meg Yoder 4:50

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drive By Shootings in Littleton

After getting my snow tires on the car I decided to head over to Littleton to check on the double-pole workout.  Here is what I saw. Note the concerned looks on more than a few faces!
 Yack fest going on
 Brandon returns to CSU
 Victor applying a lot of power
 Bob stays focused
 Clara wondering who is driving by
 Zoe looks a little worried
 The Boys

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chris Stock's Report from Quebec

A bunch of college teams were in Quebec the week of Thanksgiving to train and race, including Harvard, Bowdoin, Bates (including Jimmy Burnham), Colby (including Olga Golovkina), St. Lawrence, UVM, and the local Laval University.

The big race was on Saturday - a 1K classic sprint. The course that we raced on both days was a 1K loop of predominantly gentle downhill and DP with one giant herringbone hill thrown in. The race organization paled in comparison to what we are used to. They seemed to be coming up with the format on the fly, and information leaked out through random sources as the day progressed about what and when the next heats would be.

Anyway, I had what I thought was a pretty sloppy qualifier with a sluggish DP in the beginning and a lot of messy slipping on the transition zones in the hill. I was surprised to find out I had qualified in second, 0.1 sec behind Pete Hegman of UVM. I had an easy quarterfinal, skiing behind Jordan Buetow the entire way. The semifinal was the most exciting heat: the way their format worked, only the first finisher in the semis moves on to the finals, and this had to be done by controlling the race early on. I was also up against two Bates skiers, Jordan and Lucas Milliken. So there were a lot of lane changes, team tactics, etc. I ended up second going into the hill behind Jordan but was able to out-double pole him in the flags. Anyway, when the A final rolled around I got back from the warm-up loop in the woods, ready to race, only to be told I had missed my start. This is the first time I can ever remember missing a start! What everyone else seemed to figure out (and I didn't) was that one of the changes in format along the way had also pushed the finals earlier. So I got fourth overall by default. It was a let-down, because it would have been exciting to try to break into the top 3 and get a Harvard jacket on the podium. Bummer. I won't let that happen again!

The Sunday skate race had a much smaller field, as a bunch of the colleges had gone home. It was 4K girls, 6K guys, around the sprint loop - a lot like skiing at Weston, with a bit more terrain. Olga raced in the Women's race both days and did well, qualifying for the A final in the sprints and getting tenth in the skate. Jimmy raced in the Men's race as well on Saturday.


Sunday's Arm Workout

Last Sunday at the afternoon workout we worked 100% on upper body technique and fitness for the xc runners in the crowd.  XC is a great sport, but it sure doesn't do much for arm strength.  Nothing like some single sticking up a good hill to remind yourself of that!  Double pole, single stick, kick double pole was the order of the day.  Variations on kick -DP below: