Thursday, June 28, 2012

Annursnac DP Time Trial

We had a small crowd this evening for the DP time trial.  It was a perfect summer evening to grunt our way up the famed Annursnac Incline 4 times.  Several new CSUers conquered the hill for the first time, including Aryeh, Sonya and Leah.  Congrats!  Alex took some video:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Julia on the Glacier!

Here is Julia Kern's report from Alaska:

Last week I went to Alaska to ski on Eagle Glacier with APU for a week. We took the helicopter up to the house on the first day on a nice sunny morning. At night, it suddenly got very snowy so we did a core and strength workout inside the house and ran around a little outside as well. The next morning it was really sunny and beautiful weather out so we did a nice easy ski to get adjusted to the altitude. The course they have set up is amazing, a nice long loop with hills, downhills and flats as well. For dinner, each group had to cook dinner for one of the nights. The kitchen was nice and we had plenty of food so there always good meals. There is also a TV where we watched skiing videos to watch technique, but also to watch some

movies to relax and laugh too. The training was really great there!

The house is perfect for it and the skiers were really cool too. I had a lot of fun on this trip and learned a lot! On the day we were supposed to fly out with the helicopter, there was a big snow storm so we got down a day late. While we waited for the weather to clear, we had time to hang out so we built a bedroom fort and hung out. At some points in the year you can also hike out which I heard was really fun. We could not since they got so much snow this year but the helicopter ride was really cool. I had a great time and here are some pictures.....


A nice sunny day with a view of the hill (we named it Heart Break
Hill) up to the house from the ski trail.

Some of the loop on the glacier.

Some of the girls.

The Mini Weight Room for strength and core.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Corey at a USA, Canada, Finland DP workout

Found this photo on USSA's Facebook page of Corey at a DP workout.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adventure run!

Last Sunday, Sue, Kathy and I led a ladies adventure run in the White Mountains.  Despite much initial interest, Sonya and Olivia C were the only two able to fully commit and make the trek, and it ended up being the perfect size of a group.  We had beautiful weather, with great visibility.

The route was up Skookumchuk trail, across lafayette ridge, and back down falling waters trail, for a nice 10mi, 4000 vertical-foot day.  A good time was had by all!

On the ascent.  Good opportunities to learn to pick up your feet when you run!

Above treeline!  

Ascending Mt. Lafayette.

Olivia and Sonya at the top.  Time for some summit chocolate!  

The ladies on top of Lafayette

Looking towards Liberty and Flume.

Looking down towards Greenleaf hut.

Looking back toward Lafayette from the top of Lincoln.

Sonya sat on a ledge and made us all really nervous.

Shining rock!

Kathy taking a swim.

Olivia's not actually doing pushups, I think she's attempting to dunk her head.

Friday core!

Obviously this is a few days late, but we had a great workout on Friday.  Maybe I shouldn't say "we", as I didn't do much of anything other than take photos, but other people looked like they had a great workout!  

Sophie and Carina working the team box-jumping

Sue and Jodie loooove dips.

Gavin and Max with the squat throws.

Gavin and Max team timing the one-legged squats!

Poor form on the walking planks by Jacob and Lewis, because they were racing.

Don't take photos of me, I just got my wisdom teeth out!

Jimmy and John with the twist throws.

Very nice pushup twist demo by Izzy.

Matched by Maddy.

Oooh spider pushups are fun!

Charlotte and Clara on collision course...

Coordinated fellows.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CSU Coaches Teach Life Skills

Lesson one - Do not let a single morsel of Sue's awesome rhubarb cobbler go to waste. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Uphill time trial!

The juniors tested their might against Mt. Wachusett today, on a lovely day with scattered clouds and low humidity.  So rare, this time of year!  The course went up the auto road, counter-clockwise to the summit, avoiding the overflow parking extra bit of downhill.  A tough test, but everyone made it through, and I even heard chattering and laughter as we came down the trail!


Hannah Smith       17:20
Leah Brams          18:00
Alex Jospe            18:28
Julia kern              19:11
Rosie Cobb           19:24
Hadley Moreau      19:41
Katie Penderson    20:16
Cate Brams           20:47
Rebecca Smith      21:46
Meg Yoder             22:07
Haley Colpitts        25:56
Rebecca Notenson 25:59
Phoebe Seltzer      26:30
Eli Hoenig              14.57
Max LaChance       16:13
Nate Moreau          16:17
Gavin McEwen       16:43
Jimmy Burnham     16:46
Lewis Nottenson     16:56
Sean Skahen         17:01
Chris Burnham       17:36
Trevor Owens         18:48
Eli                         18:59
Jacob Meyerson     19:28

I know I saw Gunther and Tom and Jeff out there running hard, too, but apparently they removed their times from the list in order not to embarrass any of the younger runners!

After the first ascent, J1s and older were allowed to do a second interval, so a hearty crew of Eli, Nate, Sean, Jimmy, Chris, Hannah, Meg, Rebecca, Hadley, and Rosie braved the climb again!  To most people's surprise, a lower effort (more in the L3 range) didn't yield that much slower a time - much to be learned from the pacing of this beast.  

A huge thank-you goes to David Brams, John LaChance, Matthew Meyerson, Alan McEwen, Jody Newton, Steve Moreau, Kate Yoder, Ann Burnham, and probably some others who I've unintentionally left out, for their help with the timing and the cheering!  And the biggest thanks is to Ann for the watermelon after the second ascent of the mountain.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday night core

It's not too often you have a visitor at Friday core, but my mom and my dog braved the torture session, and seem to have made it out alive.  She took a lot of photos.  Thanks to Jody for the use of her backyard!

Hannah leading the dynamic stretching as I get out the playtoys.

CSU training center!