Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yellowstone Classic Races 10 km and 5 km

 Today were the 10km and 5km classic races at Yellowstone.  Alex's results and those of several former CSUers or CSU friends below. 

58  BRIGGS, Matt 22 Craftsbury Green Racing ProjecMU23 17    32:44.5       +3:18.7
84  BURRUSS, Ollie 23 Craftsbury Green racing ProjectMS 36      34:01.3       +4:35.5

35  DONG, Evelyn 24 Fischer Craft Team FS 19           17:41.1         +1:24.2
64  JOSPE, Alexandra 25 Alpina FS 29                         18:42.8         +2:25.9
80  SNYDER, Jessica 25 Alpina FS 33                          19:16.5         +2:59.6
108 TIERNAN, Carolyn 58 FM6 1                                21:45.4        +5:28.5

Friday, November 27, 2009

Alex in Yellowstone, continued

Here is the line on Alex's and Jess' races and also Ollie Burruss today, 10km and 15km skate:

50  JOSPE, Alexandra 25 Alpina FS 25   27:51.0     +3:14.1
57  SNYDER, Jessica 25 Alpina FS 28    28:13.2     +3:36.3

58  BURRUSS, Ollie 23 Craftsbury Green racing Project MS   32 35:19.5      +3:41.1

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Photo Says It All!

Alex and Jess in W. Yellowstone

In the sprint held yesterday Alex was 60th in 5:46 (110 racers) and Jess was 74th in 6:01.  Sounds like a longggg sprint!  There were no elimination rounds.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Skate Time Trial

The fall training group did a 5km (approx.) skate time trial at Annursnac while everyone else worked on skate drills and getting back on rollerskis after fall sports.  Results of the time trial are:

Chris Burnham      14:22
Hamish McEwen   14:35
Rion O'Grady        15:58
ErikBrote              16:21
Hannah Smith        16:27

Saturday, November 21, 2009

CSU Jrs at State XC Meet

Here are results of CSU Juniors at the state high school cross country championships.  The Lincoln-Sudbury girls took the top prize! The photos of Corey and Eli are from Brian Holtzman

5     Cory Stock            19:32
65   Olivia Meyerson     21:15
121 Catherine Benson   22:53

46   Eli Hoenig              17:27

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Double Pole Time Trial Results

Frank's summary of last Wednesday's double pole time trial results:

Hi Folks,

Wanted to share the results from last week’s DP test.  Great improvements! The club is getting a very strong upper body!  Doesn’t matter how old you are – everybody can improve as shown by an incredible 6 new personal bests (PB):
M4 Andy Milne lead the charge of most improved, setting an incredible new master’s course record of 11:18, taking over 1min off his previous best.  That’s what you get for doing Ercolina every morning at 5:30am. Next most improved is J2 Hamish McEwen, taking almost a minute off his Sept best for a very strong new personal best of 12:10.  Third in the list of most improved is our very own president for life, M5 Rob “Robolina” Bradlee, who took off 26 s of his previous PB to finish at 12:41, closely followed by 25 sec improved J1 Erik Brote who is soon going to show the Swedes how to do upper body training, finishing at 13:46.  Fellow J1 Rion O’Grady is bouncing back from injury, improving by 19 sec to 13:33 and coach Alex improved her Sept 08 best by 7 sec to finish at a very strong 12:39.  Congrats everyone!

Here all the results:







Sunday, November 15, 2009

Littleton Roll and Afternoon Jr Practice

The coaches pulled a double today, starting with a damp Littleton roll in the mist followed by the usual Sunday afternoon Jr practice at Annursnac Hill.  Yin and yang, mist and sun.  One unnamed master took a fall as Andy and Robert discuss a matter of technique.   Rob demonstrates the scooter drill.

Andrew Reed Flies the CSU Flag at the Head of the Charles!

CSU Jrs. Have Fun in the Mud

Here are the CSU Jrs that I could find in the results from yesterday's E. Mass XC races at Franklin Park  Apologies if I missed anyone.  It was a real mud fest out there!  Franklin Park can be very dicey when it is muddy, having slogged through some of those myself in years past, but this looks way worse than anything I've seen there before (see CSUer Henry Finch's photo).  Kind of fun, actually, if its not too cold, but you'd better have the long spikes in your shoes!  Eli Hoenig was tops for CSU Jr boys and advances on to the state championships as an individual.  Catherine Benson and Olivia Meyerson advance as part of their teams.

Boys Div I
26    Eli Hoenig       Lincoln/Sudbury            17:37
55    Isaac Hoenig   L/S                               18:06
97    Greg Holdman L/S                               18:49
116  Michael Goldenberg    Newton North   19:08

Girls Div I
90   Catherine Benson  Acton/Boxborough   23:50

Girls Div II
50   Olivia Meyerson   Concord Carlisle       21:47

Girls Div III

84    Katie Cosman   Melrose                       23:16

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Donna Smyth Flies in Stone Cat Ultra

CSUer Donna Smyth blasted through the Stone Cat Ultra Marathon last weekend, crushing the 50+ women's record by 43 minutes!!!  Below is Donna's summary of the race.  She had a bit of a problem when she fell and dislocated her finger during the race, but was not deterred from her strong finish.  Photo of her finishing the race and her lovely finger, which soon got straightened out.

I had the race of my life:

·         NO issues (except for the dislocated finger at 44.7 mi. (out of 50 mi.)
·         Personal best by 1 hr. 8 min. + = 9:15.31 J (prev. time, 2003 was 10:23.38) 
·         50+ female age-group record by 43 min.+
·         Felt great the entire race!!! (except when I fell the third time, and had the finger issue, and thought that they wouldn’t let me continue)
·         12.5 mi. loops: 2:07, 2:12, 2:21, 2:34 (including negotiating with the aid station doctor / volunteers, and walking down most of the hills so that I wouldn’t fall again)
·         6th female of ???; unsure of overall place, but probably 33rd / 147 starters
·         Only 2 hrs. in the ER, and the finger now points in the right direction
·         Fred ran the marathon, then supported me at aid stations on the last lap, and at the ER

Sunday, November 1, 2009

CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race

Once again I got very lucky with the weather.  I woke up to a steady drizzle, checked the radar and it looked like the weather might just clear and clear it did!  By race time it was a beautiful fall day.  And, for a change, it was shorts and t-shirt weather.

With some new pavement, which much improved the course, 22 people came ready to race, including many CSUers, much of the Harvard team and even one person down from Ford Sayer territory.  The start went smoothly until Erik Brote dumped himself halfway up the hill for the only fall of the day during the race that I heard about.  Erik recovered quickly and duked it out with Rion O'Grady in the 1 lap Jr race, taking the victory by one second.  In the men's race several races within the race developed.  Up front, Jackson Rich and Andy Milne had a hammerfest with Jackson winning in 39:58, 1 second up on Andy.  That may be a course record in classic on this course.  I'll have to look back at past years to see.  Caught in no-man's land was Tony Ryerson, all alone in 3rd, followed by Trevor Petach in 4th.  Bob Burnham, Rob Bradee and Alex Jospe was the next group.  I caught up to Rob and Bob and dragged Alex up with me in the early going and then for being such a nice guy I got dropped on the 2nd half of the 1st lap.  Bob finally pulled away from Rob and Alex on lap two to take 5th.  The next pair to have a good go at each other was John Rich and I.  We traded off taking the lead and on lap two I tried to shake John but he stuck like glue and finally I let him by so I could draft a bit.  Gambling, I launched an attack at the top of the last downhill and got a lead going into the finishing straight, but John ate me up and took the battle of the old guys by 1 second.  Well done!  Will Brote, in his first rollerski race hung in well.  On the women's side, after Alex came 4 Harvard women and then Jody Newton, improving by about 4 minutes over last year!  Those Littleton rollerskis will do that!

Prizes were pies and gift certificates provided by The Bikeway Source in Bedford.  Thanks to my helpers, Lisa Doucett on timing, Marsha Rich, Jim O'Grady and Chris City on course control  Thanks to the N. Andover police for providing traffic control at the start and Chris City for taking the photos.  The rest of Chris' photos can be seen at:

Results from 2007 and 2008 can be see if you go to the archives of this blog.

1.  Erik Brote             23:11
2.  Rion O'Grady       23:12

1.  Alex Jospe           43:52
2.  Audrey Mangan   46:46
3.  Esther Kennedy   51:47
4.  Alena Tofte          52:23
5.  Clare Miller          55:51
6.  Jody Newton       59:31
7.  Anika Petach       62:57

1.  Jackson Rich       39:58
2.  Andy Milne         39:59
3.  Tony Reyerson    41:31
4.  Trevor Petach     43:01
5.  Bob Burnham     43:18
6.  Rob Bradlee       43:23
7.  John Rich           44:45
8.  Jamie Doucett    44:46
9.  Dave Loney       48:04
10. Erlemo Lochan 48:42
11. Robert Faltus    50:52
12. Will Brote         53:23
13. Tor O'Brien      54:30