Sunday, November 25, 2007

W. Yellowstone Super Tour Classic Results

In the women's 10k classic race out in the West Yellowstone Super Tour Evelyn Dong moved up from her sprint placing to finish in 28th and Alex Jospe finished in 53rd. There were 78 women in the race, which was won by Kristina Strandberg, who crushed the field, coming in ahead of 2nd place Laura Vaalas of the US Ski Team by over 50 seconds!

Rob Bradlee didn't race. I think he was on the way back to snowless Massachusetts. The men's race was won by Leif Zimmerman of the USST.

28 Evelyn Dong 24:27.7
53 Alex Jospe 25:57.2

Friday, November 23, 2007

CSU Results - West Yellowstone Super Tour Sprints

CSUers raced in the West Yellowstone Super Tour Sprints today in beautiful conditions. Rob Bradlee reported that he was the 2nd oldest guy in the men's race, with the next youngest guy being David Chamberlain at the ripe old age of 32. Also participating were Alex Jospe, who's report can be found on her blog at: and former CSU Jr Evelyn Dong, now training out in Oregon.

38 Evelyn Dong 2:25.17
40 Alex Jospe 2:26.21

91 Rob Bradlee 4:09.60

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Early Report From West Yellowstone

Alex Jospe sends the following and some photos from West Yellowstone. Looks like the Madison River to me. They need a bit more snow as you can see, but looks like winter! Double-click the photos for a full-size view.

Hey Jamie,
I'm in West Yellowstone waiting for snow, and today I went for a long
rollerski into the park. I saw some elk, which was cool, once we'd
both decided that we were not a threat to each other.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

CSU 2007 Fall Classic Rollerski Race

It was a gorgeous day, if windy and cool, for the 2007 edition of the CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race, especially given the Nor'easter we suffered through yesterday.

In the men's classic race Ollie Burruss (Harvard) shot out at the start and gapped the field, smoking the course to win in 40:59, while Frank Feist (CSU) came home second in 43:44 and Andy Milne (CSU) was third in 44:15. On the women's side Hilary Rich (CSU Jr) came in first in 44:17, nipping at Andy Milne's heels for much of the race, while Audrey Mangan (Harvard) was 2nd in 48:51 and Anna Kulmatiski (Harvard) was 3rd in 51:24.

On the skate side, John Rich (CSU) took home the top spot in 44:24, followed by Chris Nabel (Harvard) in 46:19 and Andy Kulmatiski (Harvard) in 46:44. Alex Jospe (CSU) took home the top prize on the women's side, finishing in 46:20, followed by Meri Burruss (Harvard) in 2nd in 50:43.

Jackson Rich (CSU Jr) was the lone Jr boy in the classic race, but hammered the 1 lap course in 21:50. I haven't kept course records, but this is probably a Jr record in classic.

A good race was had by all followed by awards of 2 gift certificates from Fast Splits in Newton, Mass and various pies, fresh cider doughnuts, Powerbars and Gu's. I'd like to thank my volunteers Marsha Rich, Jessica Smith and Lisa Doucett for timing and keeping traffic under control. Chris City, who is getting over a cold, took a few photos that can be seen on the photo link.

Classic Men
1 Ollie Burruss 40:59
2 Frank Feist 43:44
3 Andy Milne 44:15
4 Victor Golovkin 45:13
5 Jamie Doucett 47:04
6 Andrew Moore 48:31
7 Walter Page 62:01

Classic Jr Male
1 Jackson Rich 21:50

Classic Women
1 Hilary Rich 44:17
2 Audrey Mangan 48:51
3 Anna Kulmatiski 51:24
4 Katie Coil 51:37
5 Tannis Thorlakson 51:38
6 Anne Goetz 57:28
7 Jody Newton 65:15

Skate Men
1 John Rich 44:24
2 Chris Nabel 46:19
3 Andy Kulmatiski 46:44
4 Brian Deneau49:40

Skate Women
1 Alex Jospe 46:20
2 Meri Burruss 50:43