Sunday, April 29, 2012

Run of the Charles

A number of older and younger CSUers took part in today's Run of the Charles.  The Quinobequin Canoe Club, with CSU masters Wes Denering, Bob Burnham, Andy Milne, Jamie Doucett and Rob Bradlee came home victorious on a beautiful spring day for the 10th year in a row over our big rival, the MassLakes Snoopers.  The big rainstorm a week ago put enough water into the river to make for some good paddling and brought the river level up from 1 to 2 feet, depending on where on the river you measured. 

Coming in 3rd overall and 1st in the mixed male/female category was the CSU Jr/Harvard Ski Team boat with CSUers Jim Stock, Chris Stock, Corey Stock, Eli Hoenig, Nick Reitman, Zoe Snow and Julia Kern.

Harvard girls, Chris and Jim

Jamie, Don, Gus and Wes

Jim Stock

Gus and Wes on Leg 1

Corey and Chris Stock taking off at Leg 2

Bob, ready to go!

The exchange at the end of Leg 1, Gus and Wes getting out, Bob and Don taking over

Don, Rob, Everett, Wes, Jamie and Andy

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rob is Selected Coach of the Year by USSA!!

In a wonderful affirmation of Rob's leadership of the CSU Jr program, USSA selected Rob as the domestic Coach of the Year!  Below is the letter from USSA to Rob.  Congratulations to Rob for his vision, hard work, unbounded enthusiasm and leadership!  And, he sets a high bar for leaning on poles.......

April 20, 2012

Rob Bradlee
Cambridge Sports Union
34 Bond St.
Reading, MA 01867

Re: USSA Cross Country Domestic Coach of the Year

Dear Rob,

I want to congratulate you on having been selected to receive the 2012 USSA Cross Country
Domestic Coach of the Year Award. USSA Coach of the Year Awards are made in each sport to a
USSA staff or USSA Competition Club coach based on outstanding contribution to either the domestic
program or international program, resulting in high-level performance of his or her athletes in domestic
or international competition during the past season. Each USSA Sport Committee makes selections.

The sport committee provided the following for your nomination, “Rob is the Head Cross-Country Ski
Coach for the Cambridge Sports Union located in the greater Boston area. Rob and his CSU program
have this season, and in previous years, placed multiple skiers on the top of our junior podiums and
densely populated the top places of our junior championships and rankings. Rob’s program has
prepared skiers for the World Junior Championships, Scandinavian Cup and every place juniors can
qualify. The visible top results come from an open pool of talent and enthusiasm under Rob’s
outstanding direction and leadership.

Rob’s CSU club program has no significant elite/senior program. All leadership, inspiration and
mentorship are directed inside-up; where can this group go? This is truly pioneering in the spirit of
what development is all about."

You are to be congratulated on your commitment to your sport and the leadership your provide to the
development of your athletes.

Your award will be presented during the USSA Congress 2012 at our Chairman’s Awards Dinner,
Friday at 6:30 p.m., May 11 at the Park City Marriott. I hope that you and a guest will be able to join
us for the presentation. If not, we will ensure that your award is sent to you.

Please RSVP to Suzette whether or not you or a representative will be there to receive the award via
return e-mail or call 435.647.2074.
Again, our congratulations!


Bill Marolt
President & CEO

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Run of the Charles Coming Soon

Most of our relay team, the Quinobequin Canoe Club, with CSUers Rob, Jamie and Wes got out on the Charles today for some practice.  With 4 boats it was our own little armada!  Didn't see the CSU Jr team out there......

Bob, Rob, Gus, Don, Wes, Everett and Jamie

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh To Dream

One winter ago.....