Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Tracks on October 30th at Concord-Carlisle High School.

Everyone gets into some tag.

Zoe thinks it is spring skiing

Olivia too

Cate is always at the center of the action in tag

The boys practice their blocking skills to prep for the big game against SMS

The whole group had fun.  What a day!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Calm Before the (October!!) Storm

A little of the action at the end of the loops out in Littleton today.  Maybe we'll be on real skis tomorrow!!
 Frank, Eli and The Masked Man
Bob Treadwell came down to join us, with Robert

Friday, October 28, 2011

Aims Shoots for 7 Month Ski Season - Locally!

Ain't no moss growing on Aims.  When it started snowing he got his butt out the door and got on it!  Here are his comments and photos:

Nailed the wax! Last night the snow was wet, colder on top than lower, on a wet grass base, air hovering just above freezing. Arrived without glasses so I couldn’t read wax labels and selected some white goopy stuff in an orange Swix can with a purple stripe. It was great, perfect balance between clumping and grip and yet marvelous glide. The can must have been bought in 1983 but last night was its destiny.

Made a great choice too on poles. I took my hill bounding poles that have no baskets and never had to suffer from heavy buildups.

This morning the playing fields at Nashoba High were a different deal; 31 degrees, snow firm and icy, perched above the ground on stiff, frozen grass; the kind of morning when skis hiss with pleasure.

The first ski of the year is like baseball opening day, all optimism and freshness, but without advance notice of the date. It’s the one ski trip of the whole year that’s guaranteed to be the season’s best so far. It’s about finding your stuff, putting it in the car for the first time, pushing aside your paddle and lifejacket to make room. And finally, when waxes are unearthed, those lost gloves found, both boots comfortable and at last skis move out on snow it's life beginning all over again.
First time on snow 10/27/11, 9:38pm 
Webcam, Last night's tracks lingering

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Waterstop Shot

Rebecca, Rosie and Hank at the waterstop on this week's Littleton distance roll.  The crowd seems to be winter coming?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sign Up for CSU Rollerski Race!!

Time to sign up for the 23rd annual CSU Rollerski Race! $8 pre-entry, $10 post-entry. Sunday, Nov. 6 in N. Andover. The race is classic only and starts at 9:30.

I could use several volunteers: 4 people to watch the corners and watch the cars and direct the skiers, 2 timers (unfortunately my wife Lisa will be off running the NE xc championships at Franklin Park that day) and 1 person for the registration table before the race. Please let me know asap if you can help out. There is some lovely new pavement on Johnson St after the big hill which will greatly improve your rollerski experience!

The course can be seen at:
The course is 2 laps of a 7.072km course give or take a thousandth of a km, and juniors can opt for 1 lap.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you need an entry form.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heath Bridge on a Fine Fall Day

A beautiful fall day for some specific strength with a good crowd of CSUers. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We celebrated the amazing Indian summer weather with a ski hike up Mt. Sunapee

 On the summit with Lewis, Rebecca, Liza, Carina, Max as well as Bob and Ann Burnham in the back and Chris Feist in the front.

Liza tackles the Northeast Chair with Kearsage in the background.

The gang mid-hike.

Post-hike we headed to the beach on Lake Sunapee for a very refreshing swim.
Rebecca looks cool.

Everyone got in the swim.

Liza chillaxing.

Splash fight!

One of the last swims of the year.  
Now comes winter and the joy of skiing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nordic History - The Dawn of Skating

This is a great video showing skating at a time when you both marathon skated and skied classic in races. The great Swedish guns Gunde Swan and Thomas Wassberg at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics.  Know your nordic history!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Video from specific strength

Because specific strength rocks.

Starring Cecily, Mary, Claire, Clara, Olivia, Phoebe, Karina, Jacob, John, Jordan, and Greg.

Specific strength practice

The runners gathered at Annursnac to hammer out some good specific strength intervals; Jamie and I showed up to watch them go by and practice our leaning-on-poles technique. Everyone made some really nice improvements, and that always makes me so happy!

Jordan, Greg, Olivia and Jacob singlesticking like they were born to it.

Mary looking over at me like "what are you doing pointing a camera at me?"
Jordan hammering.
Phoebe double poling.
Phoebe in flight no pole skating!

Jamie demonstrating some truly excellent pole-leaning technique.

Clara and John working on some V1. Although not strictly specific strength, this is our best opportunity to work on technique, so V1 tends to get thrown in there.

Karina chasing down Phoebe.

Claire and Cecily getting after it!

Duel of the Meyersons, during speeds.

Greg with a great starting position, hiding Jordan.

And a video of the first speed that everyone did:

I'll be uploading more videos later tonight.