Thursday, November 14, 2019

Rollerski Race Photos

A photographer friend of mine, John Lowe, from the Merrimack Camera Club, came by the rollerski race and took a bunch photos and passed some on to me.  Thanks John!  I believe these are from the first lap up the hill.

Monday, November 4, 2019

CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race 2019

This year we were provided a beautiful late fall day for the 31st running of the CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race, a nice change from the blustery weather of the last two years.  We had a great turnout of CSU and Harvard skiers, especially since the crazy weather last week canceled the race up at Trapps.  I want to especially thank Chris Li at Bikeway Source for providing many of the prizes and all the parents who stepped up to volunteer to watch corners and Ann for helping time.

Congratulations to former CSUer James Kitch on a nice victory only a couple seconds ahead of Liam McInroy and Julian Schmitt, all Harvard skiers.  On the women's side Laura Appleby (CSU) had a substantial lead throughout but then the next three of Annabel Hagan (Harvard), Madeline Kitch (CSU) and Clara Cousins (Harvard) had a good race, all finishing within a few seconds.

In the junior 1 lapper, Evie Walton (CSU) took a solid first followed by Sofia Scirica and Francesca Kitch.   For the junior boys Sam Galladet took the top spot followed very closely bay David Shycon.

I think we may have had a new record for junior skiers this year and a new record for low turnout amongst masters skiers.  Time to get those older skiers out on roller skis!

And I apologize for skipping over Eli Galladet and Greg Bodkins when I was doing awards.  Thanks all for coming and making this a good and fun event to host.

Men’s Results

NameClub1st LapFinish Time
James KitchHarvard18:0835:56
Liam McInroyHarvard18:1036:09
Julian SchmittHarvard18:1936:29
Will RhatiganHarvard18:3737:49
Aiden McGaughCSU19:3339:09
Linden NiedeckCSU20:1040:29
Ben BuchheimCSU20:0940:30
Eli GalladetCSU21:5043:30
Greg BodkinsCSU22:0544:01
Victor GolovkinCSU24:2248:27
Victor FeofilaktovCSU24:4249:26
Robert FaltusCSU24:4650:28
Dag HolmboeCSU26:0352:46
Ben SciriciaCSU27:4056:46

Women’s Results

Laura ApplebyCSU20:2441:28
Annabel HaganHarvard21:4542:55
Madeline KitchCSU?43
Clara CousinsHarvard21:4643:08
Amelia TuckerCSU?44:42
Tegan ThorleyHarvard?45:22

Junior Women - 1 lap

Evie WaltonCSU

Sofia SciricaCSU

Francesca KitchCSU

Shea BramsCSU

Natalie JonesCSU


Men - 1 lap

Sam GalladetCSU

David ShyconCSU

Barry KitchCSU

Greg ChungCSU