Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Western MA training weekend

Last weekend, we had another CSU mountain weekend, this one out in western MA, where we joined forces with some of the Greylock team. We had excellent weather on Saturday, cool and dry and sunny, and then a little rain on Sunday, but not enough to mess with our plans. Because of the poor timing of finals this week, attendance was low - just Sonya, Elinor, and Laura - but the small size of the group gave us much more flexibility, which was nice. 

We started with a rollerski, on the rolling, well-paved, wide-shouldered roads of western MA and eastern NY. Did YOU ski across a state line last weekend?

Having a snack in the parking lot of a Stop and Shop... classy. Sonya was a fan of the fried chicken.

I swear, these kids aren't homeless.

It rained a bit on Saturday night, so we were very happy to change our camping plans from the Lanesboro campground to Rebecca Smith's summer dorm common room, at Williams.  Comfortable, safe, and most importantly, dry.

Found a swimming hole, prior to pizza for dinner and some fun word games.

Despite not staying at a campground, we managed to make a fire and have s'mores anyway.

Sunday, properly fueled by cold cereal eaten out of tupperwares, we all did a race at Mt. Greylock. There were two distances offered, 13.5mi and 5k. Laura wanted to do the full distance, but I convinced her that as a first-year J2 the 5k was a better fit. Elinor and Sonya and Rebecca did the long race, and braved the mud, hills, and rocks very well. Jakin, one of the Greylock skiers, also did the long race, and he beat me, which means I owe him ice cream, but they all had to leave before I got a chance to buy him ice cream! Next time. We all found said ice cream place before piling into the car for the drive home. All in all, an excellent weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mt Washington Road Race

It was a great day on the rock pile with perfect weather and lots of CSUers running.  A few photos:

Bermans at the awards

Ellie Mendonca was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  She won 3 times in the late 70s, setting 2 course records in the process.  Ellie (Brazil) also is one of two CSU runners to have run in the 1984 Olympics along with Charlie Spedding (Gt. Britain).

CSU Women's Senior team

Kris Freeman

Lewis and Will having a great race

The boys were obviously having a great time.  No one else was this enthusiastic!

Rob, decidedly less enthusiastic

Donna Smyth

Lisa Doucett
Jody Newton

I almost missed Chris Doyle

Peanut Gallery on the hillside - Kathy, Meg and Shea

Clara smiling her way to the finish

Clara runs past Wildcat Ski Area

Larry helping at the finish

Sarah Mae at the finish

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

National Masters, Sugarloaf, 2001

Another old photo of CSU and Maine Masters at Sugarloaf for National Masters.  This had one of the epic races, a 30 k where the temps dropped from the 30s to the teens during the race, after rain, and the course froze up solid and almost everyone lost their klister.  I had gone with Toko Orange.  Can you say 25 km of double pole?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Wachusett uphill run

37 brave souls and a handful of intrepid parent timers (thank you all who helped!) battled Wachusett yesterday. The J1+ crowd even did it twice! It was a gorgeous day for a run, perfect temperature and good views.  Great work to everyone, running up a mountain isn't easy.

Will Rhatigan 14:35
Gordon Vermeer 14:36
James Kitch 15:41
Jordan Fried 15:48
Leah Brams 16:33
Tyler Lee 16:39
Frank Feist 17:17
Alex Jospe 17:17
Hannah Reiders 17:18
Madeleine Reiders 17:18
Kathy Maddock 17:18
Gabby Vandendries 17:43
Sam Anderson 17:53
Madeleine Kitch 17:59
Chantal Ranguin 18:54
Laura Appleby 18:57
Dwight Fairchild19:00
Devon Wong 19:38
Talia Seltzer 19:41
Dante 20:09
Chris Doyle 20:38
Izzy Cole 20:42
Terry Wong 20:46
Kevin Telfer 20:56
Clara Cousins 21:30
Elinor Graham 21:46
Sylvie Pingeon 22:38
Brian Telfer 22:42
Lucy Bergeron 22:46
Katherine Decker 22:49
Iman 22:50
Emma Simon 23:30
Julia Homa 23:34
Ella Redmond 25:56
Chloe Pingeon 32:02
Rebecca Feist 32:16
Natalie Boyle 32:55