Monday, March 8, 2021

Weston Spring Fling 14k


Taking advantage of great snow coverage due to consistent snowmaking and February storms, the Weston Spring Fling series is being offered on Sunday nights in March while conditions allow. Race one of the series was the "Weston 14k" on March 7th. Racers arrived at the ski track to the fading rays of daylight, making it clear that the longer days of spring are just around the corner. 

Conditions on the 2.8k race loop were generally fast, with areas of slower manmade snow and some icy sections. Gains could be made by stringing together the sections of fast snow, and thanks to great grooming by Mark and his team, the technical corners were challenging but manageable. Skiers completed 5-laps of the course for an overall race distance of just under 14 kilometers. Thanks to Evgeny Ivanov for sharing his race track!

Finishing first overall in 36:25 was Chris Stock, followed by Martin Kronbuegel in 37:46, and Evan Hoch in 38:08.  

Taking first for the women was Rose Long in 46:14, followed by Christine Pastercyzk in 48:57, and Olivia Ester in 52:11.

The Spring Fling series will continue on Sunday, March 14th with a 5k+5k Skiathlon.

Thank you to Wes DeNering for organizing the Spring Fling series, Mark Jacobson for the grooming, and Betty Ann Sharp for help with the start and finish.