Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

MSA Time Trial

It was cold, it was windy, it was snowy.  I sacrificed a few fingers.  First photo dump:

Sunday, December 27, 2015

MSA Day 1

We awoke to a snowstorm!  The skating in the morning was a tad soft, but everyone had a great time not skiing in circles and skating on real stuff.  In the afternoon the storm slowly abated and the tracks firmed up a bit for the afternoon technique session.  Off to a fabulous start to the week!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Prospect Hill time trial

It's a brutal race, going up that hill, and you can tell it from the finish faces. J1/OJ skiers did 3 out-and-backs on the flat bit, with everyone starting at the bottom and finishing at the top. Super thanks to Alan and Sue for timing! We had one sprained thumb, a little blood, but overall, no tears and a good workout. 

Tyler - 21:54 (3 laps)
Jordan - 22:55 (3 laps)
Brede - 25:13 (3 laps)
Eli - 19:21 (2 laps)
Rachel - 18:22 (1 lap)
Flora - 21:53 (1 lap)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

LJM Cleanup

A few photos of some of the CSUers helping to clean up at LJM last weekend.  Its always good to see them do some work!  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

CSU Fall Classic Rollerski Race
Sunny, high 40s, breezy

For the first time in about 3 years we had a beautiful fall day for the race.  Last year it snowed on lap 2, so this was much nicer with warm sunshine and the usual wind to keep it feeling fall-like.  I completely missed all the action up front as the Jr and Harvard men took off pretty quickly, setting up a nice train up the first hill.  With my usual lack of warmup at this race I just tried to settle in and not blow a gasket on the first hill.  Robert passed on the left and so I started chasing all the way down the long downhill, eventually getting back by him and chasing the Harvard women and Clara.  This set up a really fun race for the next 1.5 laps all the way to the finish with Clara and Hannah and I changing positions a few times and all three of us chasing Annie.  On the final straight it was DP hammer time and Annie stayed in front, with Clara next, then me just getting by Hannah.  Robert was in no-man’s land with no one to chase while Victor was providing the perfect draft for Lili for a while.  Up front Soren ran away from the others, taking first quite handily with Liam taking 2nd and Will taking 3rd.  Andy and Jacob duked it out for more than a lap.  On the women’s side Nina easily prevailed.

Thanks all for coming to the race and for those that helped make it happen:  Evan Doucett and Kate Yoder on timing and Gordon, Elfar, Julie and Corey for watching the corners and to the N. Andover police who controlled traffic for the start of the race.   And, thanks to Chris City for providing some great photos.

Junior Men                                        Time

1.         James Kitch                             19:21
2.         Jackson Hardin                       19:29
3.         Jacob Jampel                           21:59
4.         Thor Elfarsson                         26:39

Masters Men (1 lap)

1.         Barry Kitch                             26:27
2.         Jim Pingeon                             35:06

Junior Women

1.         Lydia Yoder                           27:19
2.         Chloe Pingeon                         35:05

Senior Women                                   Lap 1              Final Time

1.         Nina Armstrong                      20:53               41:42
2.         Annie Harvieux                       22:50               45:09
3.         Clara Cousins                          23:02               45:12
4.         Hannah Hardenbergh              23:01               45:16
5.         Lili Koffman                           24:57               49:50

Senior/Masters Men             

1.         Soren Anderson                      18:32               36:25
2.         Liam Molshine                        18:59               37:32  
3.         Will Rhatigan                          19:24               39:30
4.         Haakan Sigurslid                     21:18               42:32
5.         Conner Green                         21:47               43:33
6.         Andy Milne                             21:57               43:59
7.         Jacob Meyerson                      21:58               44:57
8.         Jamie Doucett                         23:03               45:14
9.         Robert Faltus                          23:20               47:18
10.       Victor Golovkin                      24:51               49:06

Soren leads out the field at the top of the 1st hill

James and Will hammering

Haakan, Nina and Jacob Jampel

Clara, Hannah, Annie, Jamie up the 1st hill


Jacob leading out Andy

Clara, Jamie, Hannah and Robert

Victor providing the perfect draft

Monday, November 2, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Year of Walden

Allie, Meg, and Talia just achieved their goal of swimming in Walden Pond every month of the year! Here is a little about their experience.

Allie's Poem:

A dip in walden pond is a normality at best
But listen carefully here, and we'll tell you the rest
September was warm, a post run swim
We sparked an idea, and went out  on a limb
October we plunged, we were timid at the least
We learned very quickly, our exhilaration had increased
Early November our excitement drove the dive
We thought about the winter, how would we survive?
December's dip was frigid, but a warm winter day
Ski season, alas! our busy schedules were underway
On the last day of January we shoveled through snow and ice
We rolled in our shallow ice bath, completely submerged so it would suffice
February was completely frozen, but fishing holes and shovels did the trick
We laid down and had water shoveled onto us because the ice was too thick
March arrived and some of the ice on the shore started to thaw
Back to the shallow ice baths, it's temperature put us in awe
April got better, much warmer in fact
We survived the winter completely intact
May's swim was beautiful, the trees glistened green
We watched the sunset on our way out, it was nothing like we've ever seen
June was much warmer, and the water felt so nice
We reminisced about February and our struggle in breaking the ice
July came, and we didn't want the journey to end
But we were thankful for the good times and the amazing friends
Finally it was August, the last month to jump in
What a glorious year of walden it had been

Here are some pictures! We only have pictures from the fall and winter because the other months we swam after running.




Meg Loving it!
Have to fully emerge!

Allie apprehensive for her ascent

She did it!!

We had some spectators

Over to the tarp to change

Talia getting ready to bare the cold

We were pretty proud of our trench

January we found a friend!
February-ice starts to thin
Guest appearance of Sonya Jampel- she was quite excited when she jumped in and broke a lot of the ice in the process