Monday, February 23, 2009

7 CSU Juniors Named to the Junior Olympic Team!!

Seven CSU Juniors have been named to the Junior Olympic team and will be heading off to Truckee, California for some high altitude ski racing in the sweet sun of the Sierras. Those named to the team include J2s Corey Stock, Jackson Rich and Eli Hoenig. Those named to the J1 team include Olga Golovkina, Hilary Rich, Issac Hoenig and Chris Stock. Hannah Smith finished as 2nd alternate.

All of these athletes worked hard through the summer and fall and then skied most of the JOQ races to qualify. This is a phenomenal result for CSU. Only Stratton Mt. School put more people on the JO team than CSU!!! This is indicative of the team effort that includes bringing new skiers up through the E. Mass. BKSL team, the athletes, parents and coaches of the CSU team to the efforts of Weston Ski Track to provide us with excellent skiing through the winter and a good venue for our practices. Thanks to everyone who is a part of this effort!

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