Sunday, February 22, 2009

CSU Birkie Results

Here are results for CSUers at the Birkie, at least the ones I know went. Good results and Sue's first full length Birkie since having three kids!! We will all await the stories.....

And, former CSU Junior Evelyn Dong finished in 5th place for women in 2:28:14!!

Alex Jospe 2:48:03, 6th 25-29, 23rd F overall
Terry McNatt 2:53:34, 64th 40-44, 462 M overall
Sue McNatt 3:20:40, 22nd 40-44, 119 F overall

Russ Keane 4:59:28, 38th 60-64, 435 M overall
Elmer Ream 5:19:43, 50th 60-64, 534 M overall

For Alex's story on the race go to her blog at:

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