Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mass Classic Qualifier

Almost the entire CSU Jr team headed out to Williamstown on Saturday, bright and early, for the second qualifying race to determine the J2 and Eastern High School Championships teams.  The format this year for the classic race was decidedly less than ideal because the Berkshire League had to squeeze in their final league race at the same time. This was necessitated because the normal date for this race conflicted with the Weston JOQ race. MIAA rules required that the Berkshire race had to be entirely separate, so the eastern Mass kids raced after the Berkshire league boys and girls raced and not with them.  I think the biggest problem came for the eastern Mass girls race because now the course had had three prior races and the corners were all scraped off to an icy crust and there were a number of falls.  However, the final team selection was probably not affected much.  Hopefully, next year we can be back to a completely separate Mass Qualifier race.  Combined times from the skate qualfier and classic qualifier determine the finish order for determining who makes the J2 and EHS teams. 

CSU did very well, with 12 girls qualifying for the 24 spots on the EHS team, while 11 boys qualified.  On the J2 side 8 boys qualified for the 20 spots and 10 girls qualified.  This is easily the largest contingent CSU has sent to the championships.  The team skied well and several of our newer skiers qualified too, a testiment to hard work during the summer, fall and winter! 

Sorry, no photos.  Too many skis to wax.....

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