Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Typical Weston Evening at the Races

Terry McNatt says it so well:

Thanks Wes, Walter, Andy, Mark and the rest of the Tuesday night road crew for pulling it off in those conditions.

The race reminded me of some in years past on the refrozen snow/crust/goose poop/other.

First there was Ari spinning on the ice practicing his bboy break dance moves along with Andy raising high his broken pole and bellowing in angst.

Next we hit the bone chilling Fargo Flats scrambling for any available draft across the frozen tundra.

Midrace the gale broke loose a course barrel and sent it rolling Donkey Kong-like straight at Colin right in front of me. He didn't manage a Mario jump and took it broadside in the leg. Amazingly, he was able to shrug it off like a movie prop stunt barrel and continued on as if nothing happened.

Nearing the finish I proceeded to wipe out on a rut on the backside of the ice spine at the bottom of the inner loop by picking a bad line with rubbery legs and a too low tuck. I managed to drag myself across the line feeling the post-wipe out adrenaline plus post-race anaerobic buzz plus wind induced freezer burn face.

Who needs 6 Flags for thrills when we've got Weston every Tuesday?

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